Weighing in on some NBA trade rumors

One of the most riveting events of an NBA season is fast approaching. Sure, the All Star Weekend is a big ball of fun. But I’m here for something else – trade deadline.

Teams will only be allowed to swap picks and players until February 8. And right now, we’re already hearing a lot of trade rumors including big names. Some teams seem to be genuinely trying to get better. Others seem to be freeing up some their salary cap, hoping to reel in a big fish in free agency. Some others are, well, just not making sense.

Here, I try to weigh in on some trades floating around the rumor mill.


LA Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan for Cleveland Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson

Man, this would really be big boost for the Cavs. Thompson has been solid for them, but I think getting Jordan would be an upgrade. They get a legitimate rim protector who is also very serviceable on offense. Just hope he doesn’t go to the free throw line that much. DJ’s value will be in the Playoffs when the Cavaliers need to shore up their defense inside.

Anywhere Jordan goes turns into Lob City. If he does end up teaming up with LeBron James, that’s going to be one heck of an entertaining squad.


Nerlens Noel to the Lakers

Here’s how I see this. Yes, the Lakers need a center. But I don’t think they’d be trading for Nerlens Noel just to get Nerlens Noel. There must be something else in the picture. Maybe this is a ploy: to please Noel’s agent, who also happens to be the agent of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who also happens to be the agent of LeBron James. Then maybe, just maybe, the Lakers are hoping they get the King to hop on board by summer.

Hmmm… not sure if that’ll work. But James is still the biggest asset in the league. You do what you must to get a chance to get him, even if it means giving up a young stud like Julius Randle.

Atlanta Hawks v San Antonio Spurs

Hawks set to trade away Kent Bazemore, Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli for picks

Ilyasova’s still playing in the league? Wow. That’s good to know. I mean, kinda. I recently saw a video on YouTube saying that Ersan faked his identity and crossed the border from Uzbekistan to Turkey before joining the NBA. The conspiracy says his real name is Arsen Ilyasov and is supposed to be a few years older than his stated age. You think that’s true?

This trade though? It barely moves the needle in the NBA.


Clippers’ Blake Griffin for Timberwolves’ Karl Anthony-Towns

If this pushes through, this could be the big trade of the season. These guys are two bonafide superstars who can truly be the poster boy of a franchise. Griffin’s funny personality seems like a great fit for a Los Angeles team. Similarly, the rather quiet Towns also represents Minnesota well. It’s intriguing imagine how they sit with the new settings if ever the trades comes through.

The Clippers would win this trade. KAT is balling on a high, but I don’t think he’s reached his peak yet. Griffin is great, too. However, his medical records take away some value.

This is a trade that Minnesota would be crazy to push through with. Towns is a young superstar on the rise. Griffin is just too much of a risk with his health, no matter how good he is.

Jordan Clarkson

Lakers looking to trade away Jordan Clarkson

Don’t. Please don’t.

Photos from Getty Images and USA Today