WATCH: RJ Abarrientos wins the FIBA 3×3 U23 World Cup Shoot Out Contest

RJ Abarrientos continues his hot streak in the FIBA 3×3 U23 World Cup.

With the Philippines eliminated from contention, he took his shooting to the Shoot Out contest where he torched the nets all the way to the top prize.

The Shoot Out Contests rules are simpler in the 3×3. Contestants have to take five shots from either win and from the top of the key and three moneyballs from way beyond the arc. Whoever can sink the most shots the fastest wins. That’s where Abarrientos’ quick trigger paid off.

Abarrientos and his opponent, Aleksandr Antonikovskii of Russia were tied with nine points after the Final Round. But because Abarrientos got to his total faster, he claimed the Shoot Out Crown.

The Philippines also competed in the Dunk Contest with Jeepy Faundo representing the team. Faundo dropped two-handed hammers on both of his attmepts.

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