WATCH: #RepublikaNgNBA features a die-hard Spurs fan and an NBA sneakerhead couple

Press release from NBA Philippines

The Philippines has one of the biggest NBA fanbases in Asia that meeting passionate followers is not out of the ordinary. Every NBA fan starts their basketball journey from somewhere, whether through playing the sport, attending live games and watching their favorite players and teams.

Students and office workers alike indulge in countless conversations on players and teams in the league ranging from on court analysis to historical debates to lifestyle elements of the game. It is commonplace to see Filipinos playing basketball at any time of day in makeshift courts around the city.

Supporting their favorite players and teams can come in many shapes and forms, with wearing NBA shirts and jerseys and gathering merchandise and memorabilia as the most familiar expression of fandom.

With the unique stories behind each Filipino NBA fan, what’s your most prized NBA possession and what kind of NBA fan are you?

Are you a die-hard fan of an NBA team or player dreaming of watching them play live courtside?

Are you the shoe collector that relives your childhood basketball memories in the shoes that your favorite player used to wear?

To showcase just how much Filipinos love the game, NBA Philippines launched #RepublikaNgNBA which features the stories behind three of the most avid NBA fans in the country.

See how a hardcore fan travelled to San Antonio to meet his NBA idol through the series’ pilot episode entitled Spur of the Moment which you can watch here:

Witness how the relationship of two sneakerheads unfolded with the #RepublikaNgNBA Perfect Pair story here:

Stay tuned for the last episode of the #RepublikaNgNBA series by visiting the NBA Philippines Facebook on April 9, Tuesday at 7PM.

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