WATCH: Dirk Nowitzki reacts to his #SLAMTop100 ranking and JJ Barea remembers LA Tenorio

The NBA China Games is the league’s way of showing love to the fans out in the East. Last year, they brought the defending champions Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves to play in front of a packed arena full of their Chinese fans. This year, the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers will face off in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The SLAM PH Team got to join in on the fun when they took part of the NBA Fan Day in Shanghai. The team was able to talk to several NBA coaches and superstars while they were interacting with their Chinese fans.

First up is Brett Brown talks about his role as a coach of a young, up and coming team.

Brown trained under Gregg Popovich so it’s not surprise to me that he still tries to reign in the young Sixers.

Next up, Dennis Smith talks about his partnership with Luka Doncic and joining the Dunk Contest in the next All-Star Weekend.

Man. I really thought He’d change his mind about the Dunk Contest. But here’s to hoping the SLAM PH Team in China catches him bust out some crazy dunks during the pregame warmups.

Smith’s back court partner, Doncic talks about the teams that passed him up in the Draft.

It’s obvious that Doncic was trying to be diplomatic. But that smirk when the question was asked says it all. He’s going to send the Suns, King, Hawks and, apparently the Lakers a message when the season rolls along.

JJ Barea talks about his Philippine experience, playing against LA Tenorio and Philippine fans flooding his timeline.

I can absolutely believe “love taps” between Tenorio and Barea. They wouldn’t have lasted long in their respective leagues, given their heights, without a lot of toughness and gulang.

Barea’s long-time teammate Dirk Nowitzki reacts to his SLAM Top 100 ranking.

He was obviously ready with the humble reply. But at the same time I can’t shake the image of Dirk looking at who was ahead of him on the list like a sniper with a a hit list he had to take down. That might be all the fuel he needs for a vino type season.

Finally, Coach Rick Carlisle reacts to Nowitzki’s ranking and Doncic falling to the Mavericks.

We love you too, Coach!