WATCH: Danilo Gallinari injures hand punching an opponent

The injury woes for the LA Clippers continue. And the season hasn’t event started.

Newly acquired forward Danila Gallinari fractured a bone on his shooting hand when he punched an opposing player during a game.

Italy was having a friendly match-up with Netherlands in preparation of EuroBasket 2017 happening in August. Gallinari and Dutch player Jito Kok got tangled up during a rebound. Kok’s hand hit Gallinari in the face during the tussle and the Italian took offense to the hit. Gallo immediately went after Kok and after some grabbing and pushing threw a punch that hit Kok squarely on the side of the head. The two players were separated and Gallinari was thrown out of the game.

Because of this injury, Gallnari is forced to miss the EuroBasket tournament completely. His status for the Clippers training camp is still unknown.

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