VIDEOS: Blake Griffin and his “Slam Dunk Poetry”

Care for some poetry anyone?

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is known to be a funny man in front of the camera with his entertaining commercials. He was a time traveler who visited his younger self, a “gamer” who badly wanted to be inside a first-person shooting game, and even a random guy getting hard-to-reach stuff for people during the lockout. The point is that he makes damn funny commercials for all us hoop junkies.

In his latest bit for Vizio, Blake shows us a more artistic side of himself. He has taken Slam Poetry to a whole new level with his very own “Slam Dunk Poetry,” discussing important aspects of the game like the tearaway pants and bobblehead,

Let’s not forget the mouthguard!

Now that’s some basketball poetry right there. You can even ask Blake to write you a poem at Vizio’s Slam Dunk poetry site. How cool is that?