VIDEO: Tristan Thompson ends interview by kissing courtside reporter

Well this is awkward.

You can see Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson having…something go through his head, what with all the winking and the grinning he does. Then he says “You know how I do Tina,” before moving in for the kiss, which would be nice if the courtside reporter’s name was Tina, but it’s not (it’s Allie Clifton).

Maybe he lost a bet? Or it’s a part of a dare?

Whatever the reason, Thompson gives Clifton a peck on the cheek before scampering off. For her part, Clifton manages not to freak out and conclude her report.

No word yet if Thompson will have to apologize for what he did.

No word yet either if a PBA player will attempt to do the same thing with Erika Padilla.

By the way, Clifton’s a real trooper. Here she is not getting fazed by a stray basketball hit to the head while doing her report:

Photo from Getty Images