VIDEO: The Andrea Bargnani TV Offer

That comical clip right there made by the funny folks at RaptorsHQ is the perfect counter to that emotional Pau Gasol public service announcement we just posted.

Although the mood in this video may be the total polar opposite of that “Let’s Do the Right Thing and Save Pau” clip, they coincidentally fit perfectly. The Bargnani+Calderon (Now you throw in a one-legged Andrea figurine that rebounds and defends as well as the real one? Kupchak must have his finger on the trigger as we speak.) for Gasol deal doesn’t really come at you like a bouncing American football because it’s been thrown around the blogosphere for quite some time now.

I know this deal should be underwhelming for Laker fans, but come to think of it, you get the perfect stretch 4 for Mike Antoni’s (See what I did there?) system, plus one of the best backup PG’s in the last decade in Jose Calderon — the perfect insurance package for Steve’s creaky legs.

Just pull the trigger Mitch! (Huge Boston fan’s voice coaxing L.A.’s GM to jump off the cliff with this deal and not wait for Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks to gift wrap J.Smoove to the Lakers.)

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