VIDEO: If you’re seated courtside, resist the temptation to mess with LeBron James

Unless you’re Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee, you probably won’t be sitting courtside at an NBA game very often. And if you do, you probably don’t want to make a fool of yourself by, let’s say, messing with a live ball in the middle of a game.

That’s exactly what one fan did during the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic game, and it earned him the ire of a pissed-off LeBron James, who was trying to keep the ball inbounds.

James, if you remember, was the guy who told his own momma to sit her ass down, so you can imagine just how scary that death stare he shot the fan was.

The referee anyway awarded possession to the Cavs, and they went on to smash the Magic, 123-108.

Photo from the Cavs’ Twitter