UPDATE: Rivero brothers, Paraiso on leave from team

Earlier today, several outlets have reported that the Rivero brothers and Brent Paraiso have been removed from the DLSU Green Archers.

The reason for their supposed removal hasn’t been disclosed but it was reported that the three violated school rules.

As an update, the DLSU Office of Sports Development released a statement in connection to the earlier reports.

According to the statement, the Basketball Team is now prohibiting players from entering into “sponsorship agreements with commercial entities.” The new policy was created to allow the players to focus on on games and practices “without any restrictions.”

Prince Rivero, Ricci Rivero and Brent Paraiso have “requested to go on leave” from the team in order to fulfill their obligations to existing endorsements that they have. The three players are┬ástill enrolled in La Salle and are attending their classes.

While this statement clarifies the current status of the three players with regard to their participation in the team, it still remains unclear how long the three players will be on leave and the terms of their return to the Green Archers.

The Green Archers are scheduled to compete in the Philippine Collegiate Champions League on February 8. They are part of the Elite Eight in Group B with the San Beda College, San Sebastian College of Recoletos and Holy Trinity University.

The official rosters for the PCCL haven’t been released yet. La Salle’s match against Holy Trinity on February 8 will be their first game since the UAAP Finals. They made it straight to the Elite Eight because they finished second place in the UAAP.