Undrafted Golden Find #5 – Terrence Romeo out there taking over street pick-up games

PBA - GlobalPort vs Alaska - January 4, 2016 - 2

I unfortunately sometimes (often) accidentally (intentionally) stumble onto (I have a VIP card. The bouncer’s son is my inaanak) the weird side of the internet. That’s where gems usually try and hide, until I find them, and share it with all of you – without thinking, without hesitation, and as usual, UNDRAFTED.

Facebook is a polarizing place. It’s like Boracay. Sometimes, most times, you love it. Lots to see, lots to stalk, lots of memories to go back to and relive. Also, no matter how much you fight it or dodge and avoid the cameras, both Zuckerberg’s website and the island have a way of taking, storing and never deleting the most incriminating photos of you. But it’s all in good fun, right? Something you and your friends laugh about.

That is of course, until your parents call you one day to say “Anak, I’m going to Bora with your tito and tita.” That’s the equivalent of them ringing you up to say “Why are we not friends pa on FB?” First off, it’s 2016. Let’s stop saying “Bora,” “FB,” and “IG”. Also, to our folks, please stop ruining things we love.

Back to Facebook. Yeah, sometimes it sucks. But sometimes, it gives us some really good stuff.

Like say for example, user Reynaldo del Rosario posting these videos of Terrence Romeo just destroying a bunch of Rambo-slipper-wearing dudes at some local court.

Here’s the first video and here’s the second one (We’d normally embed them but Facebook keeps saying they’re “private” videos and they’re not coming out properly on our site. What’s up with that Zuckerberg???).

I kept wondering why they called it the Uncle Bro video, until I put together the Uncle Drew reference. At that point, I got seven percent less excited about the videos but it’s alright I’m still safely in the high-80s, low-90s.

I don’t know if it’s him not laughing at all throughout it all that I love most. Just the same amount of focus as a PBA game, or playing for Gilas. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s fully geared up too. Best to be safe on those slippery courts, TR. Or maybe it’s Terrence out there straight up killing them. No free baskets, no settling for jumpers. No PR, no goofing around.

Murder em. Stay sharp. Slay.