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Three-Stripe Night: Celebrating Adidas Exclusives

The launch of the AdiClub.

WORDS by Kobe Dayao

On a day where the weather felt as bad as crumbling, no grip, decades-old hoop shoes, there was an unlikely-shaped, brightfully lit space on the second floor of a Makati mall that seemingly counteracted the unfriendly and harsh atmosphere. A space that greeted you the only way they know how: with those gorgeous three white stripes. 

Adidas Philippines set up a late-evening launch for their latest interactive and audience-focused platform rightfully named, AdiClub. Instead of a typical, “Welcome everyone, let’s all watch this” themeand don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that—that some launch events fall accustomed to, The Three Stripes made it a night of celebration, some hoops, and whole lot of interactiveness. All three points of which are just what the team aims for AdiClub to be. 

There was music from Trefoil’s top artists blasting all night. A minibar open to all athletes, guests, and even the sales associates. Trays of tapas being passed around by the second, and the best part of it all, two arcade-sized basketball hoops ready for anyone who wants to take a crack at the top prize. Well, the second top prize at least, since UST’s Nic Cabañero took the leaderboards by a wide gap. 

Don’t believe me? Check out the views below from last night’s happenings. Shouts to Adidas Philippines for showing us that launch events can turn into memorable moments for anyone and everyone. They were right: Impossible Is Nothing.