The SLAM PH Weekend Rotation – Mar. 13, 2015 edition

You gotta get down when it’s Friday, and when I say “get down” I mean “checking out these hand-picked hoops stories from the past week.” That’s totally what Rebecca Black meant, by the way.

PG – “Jordan Clarkson is looking like a steal for the Lakers” by Jesus Gomez, SB Nation

On one hand, Pinoy Pride! On the other, it’s a really bad Lakers season when the best thing going for you is a second-round point guard who’s probably playing above his head.

SG – “A former Sonics fan wrote a letter to every NBA team — only one responded” by Bill Hanstock, SB Nation

Cheers to whoever does PR/marketing for the Minnesota Timberwolves (except for misspelling the names of your own players)!

SF – “Atlanta Hawks: Doing their fair share” by Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated

Great profile on Jeff Teague. At the same time, you really get a sense of what makes the Atlanta Hawks so different and so successful this season.

PF – “Pop as a father — how another suffers for it” by Buck Harvey, San Antonio Express-News

“Maybe Tony Parker And The Spurs Aren’t Dead Yet” by Albert Burneko, Deadspin

The San Antonio Spurs are in their annual “time to show everyone how good we are” mode. Tony Parker looks amazing again, and Pop is doing Pop things. Just last week people were throwing dirt on their graves.

C – “How Vine Became Home To The Best Unofficial Sports Highlights” by Rawiya Kameir, The Fader

After reading this, the only conclusion you can come to is: “We need more PBA Viners”

BN – “SLAMbook: 1-on-1 with Barako Bull’s Sol Mercado” by Jutt Sulit

Sol Mercado is always entertaining.

BN – “PHOTO GALLERY: 2015 PBA All-Star Slam Dunk” by Sherwin Vardeleon, SportsDesk

You have to search for them in this slideshow, but the frame-by-frame compositions Vardeleon does of the Dunk Contest slams are awesome.

BN – “7 things that happened during the 2015 PBA All-Star Game” by Yoyo Sarmenta

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock. For the record, despite the usual online grumblings, 43 percent of the people who voted in our poll (as of writing) said they enjoyed this year’s All-Star Game.

BN – “Episode 3 – Joe Devance: Blindfold Dunk Contest” – by From The Stands

Fun times with the guy who made the PBA All-Star Weekend fun (or was extremely kulit the entire time, depending on if you’re a Purefoods fan or not)

Cheers everyone, have a great weekend.

Photo from the LA Lakers Twitter