The SLAM PH Weekend Rotation – Feb. 27, 2015 edition

Same day, same place. This is the SLAM PH Weekend Rotation, our regular compilation of great hoops links from all over the internetz, perfect for when you’re looking for something to read. Let’s get right to it shall we?

PG – “L’Affaire Pacquiao: Dissecting the Cross-Cultural Beef Between Daniel Orton and the Filipino Champ” by Rafe Bartholomew, Grantland

Hey, if anyone was going to write the most comprehensive, most well-researched, and most nuanced account of the Daniel Orton – Manny Pacquiao “controversy”, it had to be Pacific Rims author Rafe Bartholomew.

More importantly, with news that the PBA is going to undergo some sort of revamp in format, both off the court and on the court, Bartholomew’s passage explaining how the PBA is not a “revenue-based league” is a must-read to understand the business of the Association.

SG – “Department of Defense” by Kirk Goldsberry, Grantland

One of the biggest knocks on basketball analytics was that they tend to concentrate on the offensive end of things. This is somewhat understandable, because for the longest time, we didn’t have the manpower or the technology to track every blown switch or missed defensive assignment. Except now, we do.

Lord knows it might take forever for this to be adopted into the mainstream, but Goldsberry and company have created defensive shot charts that track two key things on D – how often a player is going to shoot (and where) when guarded by the target in question, and how often those shots are going to go in.

Again, it’ll probably be a while before this sort of information becomes wildly available, but I’m really excited for when that time comes.

SF – “Derrick Rose doesn’t deserve this” by Ricky O’Donnell, SB Nation

If you’re not a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan or Derrick Rose fan, it might be hard for you to go beyond the general feeling of “what a shame, another possible great player can’t stay healthy on the court.” But the thing about Rose I suppose, is that the connection goes beyond the games and straight to what he does outside the arena. O’Donnell’s piece provides several great examples of exactly that human touch that Rose provided.

Here’s something for Chris Bosh along the same lines, via Bleacher Report.

PF – “NBA’s new replay center helping ‘get the call right’” by Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today

Hey maybe if the PBA had a replay center for fouls Daniel Orton wouldn’t have gotten into foul trouble, and thus he wouldn’t have gone on that post-game rant. Just saying.

C – “You’ve Been Traded” by Patrick Patterson, The Players’ Tribune

We all love trades, but we sometimes lose track of the fact that these are actual people being forced to uproot their lives and go somewhere else to make a living (when you think about it, Filipinos ought to have more sympathy for this, what with OFWs and all). Current Toronto Raptor Patrick Patterson pulls back the curtains and shows us what happens and how a player feels when he’s moved.

BN – “The Great Analytics Rankings” by ESPN the Magazine

Does your team trust the numbers or still stuck in the pre-00’s? As part of a feature that ranked the usage of analytics in ALL major American sports leagues, the folks at ESPN the Magazine also ranked per-league. This is the NBA breakdown, and it probably doesn’t come as a surprise as to who the bottom-three teams are. That said, the mere presence of Coach Byron Scott on the Lakers probably ought to put them last.

BN – “Hoop Habits: In Oregon, a team of monks, priests bond over basketball” by Lindsay Schnell, Sports Illustrated

Someone needs to do a local version of this story. How can there not be hooping seminarians in this country?

BN – “Defeating powerhouse teams is fast becoming a habit for KIA Carnival” by Alex Estoesta, SLAM PH

Lost in the Pacquiao brouhaha is the fact that the team he’s player-coach on is actually winning, and winning against good teams.

Photo by Nuki Sabio, PBA Images

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