The SLAM PH Weekend Rotation – April 10, 2015 edition

Back after Good Friday, it’s the SLAM PH Weekend Rotation, our regular compilation of great hoops-related writing!

PG – James Harden or Steph Curry for MVP?

Matt Moore broke it down to super nitty-gritty level in a two-parter for CBS Sports. Part 1 is on scoring, part 2 is on defense.

Grantland’s Andrew Sharp though says to listen to your heart and go for James Harden.

Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami meanwhile still says Stephen Curry should win it.

SG – “And the Duke Blue Devils have won their fifth national title!”

Will Leitch says these were “The Blue Devils You Know” on Sports on Earth.

All the Grayson Allen memes, also by Sports on Earth.

Mark Titus of Grantland was all over Duke’s D.

SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell writes that “Duke was too talented to fail”.

When Duke defends their title next season, it’ll be with Chase Jeter and Luke Kennard. Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy looks ahead.

SF – Whenever Jonathan Abrams writes a player profile, it’s a must-read

Here’s his latest on Golden State Warrior Draymond Green, “The Fastest Mouth in the West”

Jordan Clarkson

PF – The Lakers continue to be a mess.

At least they have Jordan Clarkson right? That’s what Steve Lebron of Sports on Earth thinks.

SB Nation’s Tom Ziller says this might be the last high pick the Lakers will get in a long while, no matter what happens (no pressure!)

Thomas Golianopoulos has a fascinating profile of Lakers president Jeanie Buss.

C – Remember the Asean Basketball League? Saigon Heat head coach, Jason Rabedeaux died under mysterious circumstances, and apparently before heading over to Asia, he was a HUGE deal in US collegiate hoops.

ESPN’s Wright Thompson investigates.

BN – Does the PBA really need Asian imports capped at 6’3”?

That’s what Rivals.PH writer Angelo Falcon asks. On one hand, you have to applaud the PBA for trying something new, but there are obviously a ton of kinks to work out, starting with the logic behind that awkward height limit.

BN – This is hockey, but it still applies

Is tanking to improve your draft lottery position ethical? Like, good versus evil ethical? Buffalo News writer Tim Graham looks at it in the context of the NHL, but the same applies to the NBA.

Kawhi Leonard

BN – Here’s a quote about why the Spurs work so darn well together

BN – Ginebra made waves when a relatively simple “Dave Marcelo for Billy Mamaril” swap exploded into a four-team affair.

Here are my trade grades (spoiler: I wasn’t very impressed) and here’s a “what if” piece I did on Ginebra trying to assemble all the San Beda Red Lions currently in the PBA together into one team. Of course, this being the internet, people with poor comprehension skills thought I was saying this is something the Barangay should actually do. IT SAYS “IMAGINE” IN THE TITLE PEOPLE.


Have a good weekend fellas.


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