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The KT7 Pro: Built for the big games

The KT7 Pro is all about the big moments.

Klay Thompson is all about playing in the big games. Whether it’s a crucial Game 6 closeout or an NBA Finals game, Thompson is always ready to bring the splash. It follows that his footwear is tailor-fit and engineered for these moments.

The ANTA KT7 Pro is built with NitroEdge, which makes the shoe lighter and gives it a more fluid mobility. The shoe’s upper is equipped with anisotropic carbon fibre and nylon while the outsole is designed to enhance ground grip—perfect for those quick stops and pull-up Js.

ANTA’s Smart SAM tech also provides the shoe with better shock absorption to make it easy for the ankles and knees.

At the recent SLAM Rising Stars Classic Tournament held at the Gatorade Hoops Center, men’s national team player Francis Lopez took the KT7 Pro for a spin and was his go-to shoe for his personal highlight reel.

Check out the photos below to see Lopez and the KT7 Pro in action:

The ANTA KT7 Pro LE is available exclusively at TITAN Fort.