SLAM PH recently took a trip to the Nike World Headquarters in Portland to check out the brand new Jordan XXXIV!

The team got to talk to people behind the shoe, see the inspirations of its design. “It starts with a performance story, first and foremost,” explained VP for Footwear of Jordan Bran, Gentry Humphrey. “The base of it is to make sure it performs first.”

“On every game shoe we want performance first,” echoed Tate Kuerbis, Senior Designer of Performance Footwear at Jordan Brand. “We focused on every element of performance to make sure that the player had what they need to make the best game shoe possible.”

One of the players that helped with the development of the shoe was Blake Griffin. He joined in on the trial runs and shared his thoughts on the newest Air Jordan. “Being stable, being able to stop, go is important for me,” he shared. “For me, the traction was a big thing for this shoe. And over time, they fine-tuned to where I really feel like I don’t have to worry about it a lot.”

Best of all, we were one of the first in the world to try out the Jordan XXXIV!

TEAM GAME is presented in partnership with Sole MovementBuhayBasket and Kickspotting. Check out more scenes from the trip to the Nike World Headquarters: