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Vision Quest

For Luka Doncic, his career has been made up of a bunch of firsts: drafted in the first round, selected to the All-NBA First Team and on and on and on. But this fall, the All-Star will be sharing another first with the world: the Jordan Luka 1, his first signature sneaker.

Deafening Silence

A quiet confidence accompanies Trae Young whenever he’s on the court. As he prepares to introduce the world to his first signature sneaker with adidas, the Trae Young 1, the All-Star stays ready to block out the haters.

Rising One

Devin Booker heads from his vintage cars in his retro Js to the court in his Kobe PEs, artistically dissecting NBA defenses with shades of the same man who told him to be legendary. The crazy part is he’s not even close to his finish line yet.

The Whole Truth

WORDS by Michael Eric Dyson “BREAKING: Kobe Bryant Has Died In A Helicopter Crash.” I was on the phone texting with Will Smith, congratulating him on the rousing entertainment of the third installment of his buddy pic with Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys for Life.  He sent me that infamous TMZ lin...