SLAM Undrafted’s Twitter Top-10 for February 23, 2016

The internet is a beautiful, happy, miserable, mess of a place. It’s informative, it’s depressing, it’s entertaining and it’s ridiculous, sometimes, most of the time, all at the same time. And that’s especially true if you follow the right idiots on social media. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best/worst things that went down on the court today, February 23, 2016, and more importantly, how the all-knowing, never-wrong internet reacted to it.

What follows is today’s Top Ten Things on Twitter. Carefully curated according to stupidity, but always Undrafted.

10. DeAndre Jordan free throw Shaqtin’

Let’s begin with DeAndre Jordan. Sure, we’ve seen free throw airballs before. At this point, in 2016, we’ve seen about a hundred of these in the NBA. But me? Pass up an embarrassing Clipper moment? IMPOSSIBLE.

9. Bill Russel versus Karl-Anthony Towns. Who wins?

Zach Harper is a must-follow for NBA fans. Mostly for expert, advanced analystics analysis like this.

8. Blake’s gum game is in The Zone

Blake Griffin knows a thing or two about doing something so well it takes you to The Zone. You know, that place where he sits on a Lazy Boy in his pajamas as you drive by. It used to be dunking on guys. And then it became making the perfect PB&J sandwich. I’m not sure if punching team employees is zone-worthy, but this perfect gif of him watching his Clippers play better ball without him is definitely a knockout. What?! Too soon? Alright nevermind I take it back.

7. Kyrie Irving can’t catch a break

The Cavs are always asking themselves, “What if?” What if Kevin Love never went Over The Top armwrestling with Kelly Olynyk last year? What if we never hired David Blatt before finding out LeBron James was coming back? What if Kyrie Irving could actually play 40 straight games without twisting an ankle or having a knee swell up or needing a face mask or having bedbugs give him the flu? Wait what? Bedbugs? Damn. I feel for you, Kyrie.

6. Curry bragging in front of the Atlanta Hawks bench

I guess it was bound to happen. Mayabang na si Steph.

5. Oops, check that. Curry’s still a nice dude

Nevermind. Turns out he’s just a good teammate even to former teammates.

4. Andy Varejao shots fired!

What! No love among people in the Cleveland Cavaliers organization? Whatever would lead any of us to think this? Someone call David Blatt to clear the air, please.

3. Feed the kids, Coach Nick!

Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN is an incredible dude. His instant Vines + analysis of NBA plays really makes second-screen viewing of the games a lot more fun and informative. It takes a lot of work, dedication and focus to be able to deliver all that to his followers on the regular. So much so that it’s apparently hurting his parenting skills.

2. Steph’s cussing game is clutch

Slow clap, Mr. Curry. Slow, clap. Close call there, but way to think on your feet and come out clutch as usual with the last-moment adjustment.



The Lakers don’t always win, but when it comes to having a bunch of young dudes recreating video memes online, they’ve got a dynasty.

Photo by Getty Images