SLAM TOP 100 | Number 15: Julius Erving and The Scoop

Erving Top 100

The ABA-NBA merger is a documentary we’re all still waiting to see. While the good people behind the movie Semi-Pro tried their best to narrate to us the (more-or-less) factual events of that time, a closer, in-depth, tell-all is still something we’d all sit down to watch. The star of that film, without question, would be Julius Erving. The Doctor was a transcendent star before we even knew basketball stars could transcend. Michael Jordan has leapt far and ahead in the GOAT talks, but HIs Airness would be the first to tell you, there would be no MJ without Dr. J.

Here was a man who was years ahead of his time when it came to athleticism, on-court creativity, aerial artistry and overall coolness. Julius Erving, for all of his basketball achievements, should be credited for this the most: The Doc was the epitome of swagger, of style, of Leo DiCaprio-meets-Tony Stark levels of almost-impossible cool. Maybe it was the ‘fro, maybe it was the dunks. Maybe it was the striped socks or the hi-tops.

It was probably the hi-tops.

In Game 4 of the 1980 Finals, Dr. J pulled off one of the sickest, most impressive, and yes, coolest moves in the history of the game. Step aside, MJ hand-switch. Move over LBJ chase down. Make way for The Scoop. Driving baseline against the Lakers, Doc showed the ball high with his right hand, and then at the peak of his jump, half his body behind the basket, he brought it back down, under the hoop and flicked it against the glass to drop in. Watching it now, in 2018, is still ridiculous.

All that with a ‘fro. All that with Converse hi-tops. Too smooth.

Just another Dr. J moment that’s as impressive now as it was then.

Julius Erving. The 15th Greatest Player of All Time.

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