What’s up SLAMFam! 2015 is near, but before we enter the New Year, we take a look back at one of the most famous kicks of all time. The AND1 Taichi Mid.

The AND1 Taichi was an iconic shoe of the 90’s . Part of SLAM’s Top-10 Kicks of All Time, it was and still is a holy grail. Then Vinsanity happened. In 2000, this white/red colorway forever changed how we perceived the brand when Vince Carter flew with these in the Dunk Contest. Half-man, half-amazing was born. Now it is back.



The Taichis are true to size. You will notice that the compression molded EVA mid-sole secures the foot providing you with protection from impactful situations. These are really comfortable once you get your foot in and onwards for the taking. One thing I really like about the brand is how their fit is never narrow. Cushion is great. Whether it was the Marbury’s, Garnett’s or the like, there was always a sense of comfort.

IMG_4401 copy


These are light despite the layered leather via a full color yin/yang contrast. The breathable mesh tongue enhances a durable and really comfortable upper. These paved the way for the lighter footwear and until today, it can still compete with the best of them in terms of weight.

IMG_4394 copy


A slightly updated, high abrasion ball till you fall outsole with herringbone pads gives the baller better traction on basketball surfaces. The heel area’s traction is ok in terms of slippage but I feel like there could be more multi-directional layering on the sole. Other than that, these are good to go. I got used to them on my second time using them (first indoors) so really no break in needed.

IMG_4388 copy


As OG as it gets. The only minor difference these came with are the tip of the ankle area, which they changed from white to red to prevent discoloring, providing you with longevity in terms of it looking fresh. I think it was a good move.

IMG_4391 copy


The anodized TPU shank provides torsional and medial support for a stable experience. These are stable enough on both indoor and outdoor courts so this part is not an issue. It is not the best stability shoe out there but it is competitive.

IMG_4386 copy


The White/Red colorway is definitely a must have. The Yin/Yang concept was way ahead of it’s time. Other colorways available locally are the Mint/Black/White, White/White/Red and White/White/Black. AND1’s minimalist approach on their best selling shoe of all time works wonders, impact wise. My favorite part might still have to be the mesh tongue. Really comfy.

IMG_4392 copy


Along with the Tochillin, these had everyone going wild years ago. Now, AND1 hopes to build momentum leading to 2015 with a mix of classics and futuristic silhouettes like the Xcelerate Mid. Personally, I can’t wait for those too. But keeping it within the Taichi, I could rock these anywhere, anytime, any day. Vince made them iconic and you can look forward to new colorways in 2015.

IMG_4405 copy



These are a must own. Whether you use them on the court or off it, you need at least a pair of these in your life before you retire.

The AND1 Taichi Mid retails for PHP5,995. Cop your pair at any of these stores before it is too late:

SM department stores

Sports Central

Olympic Village

Toby’s Sports

The Athletes Foot

Duty Free

Photos c/o Marion Rocha
Twitter: @MarionR_photos Instagram @marionrochaphotography