SLAM Sneaker Review: adidas Dame 3


Welcome back to SLAM Sneaker Review, where we take a look at the latest basketball performance footwear out there. This time around, we check out the adidas Dame 3.

The Dame 3 is star point guard Damian Lillard’s (SNUBBED again) third signature shoe with adidas. It has always been a shoe for the masses because of the friendly price point. What’s been great is the tech aspect of it has not been sacrificed.



The consistent part of all 3 Lillard’s is the plush feel on the heel area. One of my pet peeves for performance footwear, or any sneaker for that matter, is when it scrapes your skin on the heel.

A solid feature for the Dame 3 is the customizable lacing system. Depending on if you want your shoelaces tied super tight or just right, there are enough holes on the side panels for everyone’s use. I went with the default lacing form and it was perfectly fine.


A half size down will produce a perfect snug fit, but for rare instances where you are caught in between like an 11-12 or 12-13 scenario, just go true to size.



At 14oz, It is not the lightest guard shoe out there but that’s a result of balance. Bigger guys can wear this shoe too. The shoe looks heavier than it seems. It will surprise you.



Multi-directional traction patterns give you a quick stable halt when changing directions. I used these on Taraflex, wooden and cement courts, and it worked on all floors. Zero slippage. Overlapping of directional lines hit the sweet spots.




Storytelling is always a key factor for me when it comes to investing in sneakers. adidas has done such a good job marketing Dame and that is because he is relatable, his story is sincere and he just tells it like it is.

Roots highlight this chapter. Dame is very involved, with his story taking over each silhouette. Key callouts of his hometown in the insole and initials of family show his love for a great support system.



Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. In that R. Kelly voice.

Bounce midsole has been a constant threat to Boost technology. And why not? For hoopers on a budget but want optimum performance, Bounce will get you from point A to point B too.

This tech has been severely underrated in terms of second jumps and quick, start-up bursts. The Bounce on these will have you reminiscing Boost soles on Pure Boost’s as compared to Ultra Boosts. You won’t feel the crisp landing but you will feel a different kind of energy return which to me has the same impact. I have yet to try the Alphabounce but Bounce on basketball performance sneakers are A1.

Look and Feel


First thing that you will notice is a fused mesh upper. Mesh uppers have always been beneficial to dudes whose feet sweat a lot. Mesh gives a breathable experience. Another shoe touched by the Yeezy effect. Along with some Tubulars, the lower half of the shoe looks like a thick Yeezy 350 shoe and no one will complain.



See SLAM #205 cover. Lol shameless plug. But that outfit expression says a lot. Dame in a retro Bill Walton jersey, ripped jeans and Dame 3’s. Suitable for work.




Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 5.37.23 PM

The Dame 3 just simply works. Bounce has worked for the Lillard signature line and it succeeds yet again. No boost needed here. There will be no Boost version for the Dame 3 simply because Lillard himself wanted an affordable shoe that is premium off the court and performs on the court.

The adidas Dame 3 retails for PHP5,995 and is out now.