SLAM SNEAKER REVIEW: adidas D Rose 5 Boost

We’re back for another edition of SLAM SNEAKER REVIEW! This version of SSR analyzes the adidas D Rose 5 Boost, the latest signature shoe of recent gold medalist Derrick Rose.

After around 2 years of basketball hiatus, and comeback spurts in between, The former MVP is finally, finally back. With a strong showing for team USA and currently killing it in the Preseason. Without a doubt we welcome back D Rose to the healthy club and what better way to do so than to check out his latest signature sneaker.


The adidas D Rose 5 Boost was also the center of attraction in the latest Titan Trial Runs, where top High School players were chosen to debut the shoe on court and see how it performed. Led by Coach Jeff Cariaso, several members of Batang Gilas and other varsity players took part in elite drills.



Go a half size down. The EVA fit cage by the ankle bone was a bit hard at first. You need to play in these at least three times to get the feel of the shoe but once you get used to it, it provides ample support and a snug fit by the ankles. Other than the break in period, you should be fine choosing these for your on-court footwear.

IMG_2522 copy


They are crazy light. Pardon the pun. For a mid-ish hi top shoe, these are on the lighter side of things. It is like a 3 step process meshed into one. The Sprintweb upper, The EVA protective cage that holds the upper together with the heel, and the Boost part of it all. If you want a light and stable shoe, this can be suitable for you.

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Key word for this pair is explosiveness. Shifting is great using the rubber outsole and herringbone pattern on the bottom. It felt like a non-slip sole so traction for this was above average. The outsole helps you cut quick and play quicker.

IMG_2534 copy


adidas went into the specifics with this one’s detail. Below the EVA Fit Cage, signature details are present thru different wording expressing D Rose’s story. Of course on the heel area you have the ever present D Rose logo, which he designed together with adidas in honor of his family.

IMG_2523 copy

IMG_2526 copy


Pure boost. Heel. Protection. With 80% of the shoe slapped with Boost, you get a premium energy return. This was what I was waiting for since the Crazy Light. Full length Boost. It is nice to see running technology make its way to the basketball performance footwear world. Second jumps are also an asset for this shoe. It screams explosive guard shoe but I think it can help out a big when rebounding. There aren’t too many big man centric footwear in the market anymore and I feel this can crossover to that realm.

IMG_2529 copy


They feel stable enough. Sprintweb on the upper removes excessive weight and with enough air outlets provides just enough breathability. Simply put, it is a lightweight and breathable option for your on court usage. I like the contrast of the red and solar blue though, which we rarely see on a D Rose signature colorway.

IMG_2531 copy


Solely an on court shoe. Not a fan of these off the court but it has its moments. The D Rose logo and map on the inside of the tongue is pretty cool, along with the gray cloth along the upper inside of the shoe wicking away moisture but doesn’t sacrifice style. I like the silhouette of the Crazy Light Boost better because it is lower to the ground but performance wise, these are more comfortable.

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This is definitely the best Derrick Rose signature shoe to come from the three stripes so far. The full length Boost carries the whole aspect of the shoe and that’s what makes the difference. It really just comes down to that added thousand pesos plus for the full Boost if you compare it to the Crazy Light Boost.

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The adidas D Rose 5 Boost retails for PHP7,995. Cop your pair at a Titan or adidas shop near you.
Photos c/o Marion Rocha
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Additional photos c/o Titan and Yahoo Sports