SLAM Rising Stars 2017: Team Punks’ Jasper Salenga


Playing position: “In high school, I played the 2, 3 and 4.”

Playing years left in HS: 1 (Grade 11)

Committed to: Mapua Cardinals

Combine stats: 5’11”, 162 lbs.

NCAA S92 averages: 25.3 minutes, 14.8 points (58.0% FG), 6.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists

Most memorable game in past school year: “The most memorable game for me was Finals Game 3 of Season 92. That was the first time I cried in a game! It was a big game for me, for us. It was the greatest feeling when we were crowned champions! And the fact that we made history in my last year in high school makes the victory sweeter and more memorable.”


The kid can get you 30 points in a game. He’d have no problem messing with a double-double. But the true strength in the Malayan Red Robin’s game is his ability to play and defend multiple positions. “For me, a great player is one who can stop an equally good player from scoring,” Salenga says. He even considers offense the weak part of his game, the part that needs improvement, according to him.

Salenga is a hard worker. And through the past few years, he’s shown vast improvement in his game, particularly in decision-making – one of the most important attributes of a basketball player. The great thing thing about Jasper is that there’s so much to work with and so much more room to grow. Don’t sleep on this guy.


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