SLAM PH 1-on-1: Danny Green talks shooting, Spurs and shoes

NBA 3X Danny Green pic by Roy Afable

In town for NBA 3X Philippines 2015, San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Danny Green sat with SLAM PH to talk about his team and its culture, his shooting habits, and his long road to a secure spot in the Association.

SLAM PH: What is it about the Spurs organization that made you stay for less money?

DG: That’s home for me. That’s everything. I’d like to think when the vets retire and Pop [head coach Gregg Popovich] eventually steps down, there’s a good mix of players for the future. Plus, we got LaMarcus [Aldridge]. The grass is green on this side of the fence. Pop and [Spurs GM] RC Buford do a good job of taking care of the players.

SLAM PH: You’ve worn Gary Payton’s signature shoe “The Glove” a lot. What does that shoe mean to you?

DG: Other than being comfortable, I choose to wear it because it symbolizes defense and one of the best defensive guards to play the game. That’s what Pop preaches all the time. Plus the shoe is unique.

SLAM PH: What are your usual shooting routines?

DG: I take around 300 three’s after practice. We work out with Chip Engelland who’s an excellent developmental shooting coach. We work on a lot of shooting stuff, off the move and the like. We take a good amount of shots. He hasn’t changed my shooting form but he gets a kick out of it.

SLAM PH: You’re one of only three players to win an NCAA championship at North Carolina and an NBA championship. How does that make you feel?

DG: Well, the other two guys on that list [Michael Jordan and James Worthy]
are some pretty good players. *laughs*

SLAM PH: What do you think of [assistant coach] Becky Hammon and how she’s helped your team?

DG: She gives another perspective. She’s well respected and definitely sees things that others don’t.

SLAM PH: Your route to becoming a key member of a championship rotation wasn’t smoother direct. What’s your advice to guys hoping to make the NBA via the Summer League or D-League route?

DG: Know if you belong. Give 110 percent. Be prepared mentally and physically because your opportunity will come and it will go quickly. It’s not easy, so work harder than everyone else and continue to grow.