SLAM Exclusive Interview: Team Footprintz Basketball Elite Training Program

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“Our Mantra”
NOT all training is created EQUAL.

“Our Mission”
The mission of Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Elite Training Program is to maximize players’ strengths while minimizing their weaknesses, but ultimately, to keep our athletes ahead of the competition. As well as to provide a structured training environment geared to separating basketball players from those that simply play basketball.

“Our Vision”
The vision of Team FOOTPRINTZ Basketball Elite training is, through detailed, knowledgeable, dynamic teachings, demonstrations and innovative drills, to become the country’s premier elite basketball training company.

SLAM caught up with Team Footprintz during a recent scrimmage against Talk ‘N Text. They are composed of Mark Williams and former UCONN champ Taliek Brown, who played with Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor on the 2004 Championship team.


SLAM: What’s up what are you guys up to here?

Mark: We just did a free clinic with Marcus Douthit and going around the world training the likes of kids to now professional athletes.

SLAM: Who runs Team Footprintz on a day to day basis? Where did you guys start?

Mark: Basically myself, Mark Williams and Taliek Brown from Queens, New York with 2 other trainers.

SLAM: How has it been so far in the Philippines?

Mark: It’s been fun so far being overseas and seeing the talent here.

SLAM: How long has Footprintz been going on?
For 3 years now. We’ve been to Canada as well. We’ve been training with Ben Gordon and Jimmer Fredette.

SLAM: What is the atmosphere whenever you hold a clinic?

Mark: Oh it’s like a community. The development from the start of kids to adult players.

SLAM: How’d you get to know Marcus?

Mark: We’ve known each other a while back. Obviously, he has a bigger presence here and a strong foothold. He’s basically Filipino and we thought it would be cool to do something with him here.

SLAM: How do you feel about Talk ‘N Text as a team?

Taliek: Oh they’re a great organization. They play hard and play together.

SLAM: Do you ever go back to the UConn campus?

Taliek: All the time. Still play over there.

SLAM: What do you think about the championship this year? It’s been 10 years since you guys won it all. What do you think about Shabazz Napier?

Taliek: It’s great we’ve won several chips in the last decade or so. Shabazz is great. Good IQ and he’s the total package.

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