SLAM 1-on-1 with Mark Caguioa


SLAM recently caught up with The Spark, Mark Caguioa. He chilled with SLAM after Ginebra practice, to talk Sneakers and other things. He wasn’t participating in the 5 on 5’s but he got some shots up as he prepares for his comeback.

SLAM: How’s the injury coming along?

Mark Caguioa: Getting better. Every week, continuously getting better.

SLAM: You think you’ll make it back in time for the playoffs?

MC: We’ll see, just focusing on getting healthy.

SLAM: I remember in your earlier days, you rocked some Nike Shox and majority of your career signed with Accel. What else did you rock?

MC: I also wore the Pro Models, With Accel, Jayjay and I had the chance to design some of our own stuff like headbands and shirts so that was something different too.

SLAM: Do you wear new kicks every game? Do you need to break them in?

MC: Not every game, but when I do, I have this board with sand paper on it and I’m good.


SLAM: You are considered to be a basketball icon. Not just thru your game, but your different hairstyles and swag on the court.

MC: Just feels good to have a fresh headband and match it with the kicks.

SLAM: When did you start really getting into sneakers?

MC: When I signed with Reebok, that’s when I thought of them as more than just sneakers.

SLAM: What are your favorite pairs?

MC: I love the Iversons. The Questions, The Answer IV’s. They’re really comfortable.


Shows me his phone, and I spot some rare colorways I’ve never seen before. A couple Kamikaze’s and Shaqnosis. Sick.

MC: These are one of my favorites too.

(Shows me his phone.  Camo Answer IV lows. I died.)


SLAM: How bout on the court?

MC: Aww man, I wore these Questions start of the conference. The suede ones.

SLAM: The Packers?


MC: How do you know all the names man! Yeah those. I wore them 2 or 3 times and realized that the suede wasn’t meant for balling haha.

SLAM: Those last ones you wore were a tough one tho. The Answer XI “All-Star”.

MC: Yeah haha, I was like let’s see if they get this one right on Sneaker Watch.


SLAM: How have the fans been to you on social media?

MC: The fans are great man, on twitter they link me up with all of this fan art and stuff. They send a lot of amazing stuff. There were these paintings of Me, Jayjay, La and Chris Ellis one time.

SLAM: What do you think of the nickname “Pinoy Vino”?

MC: Oh man, I like it haha. It’s pretty cool.

SLAM: When you decide to hang up the sneakers in the future, do you plan to put up your own business? Like a shoe or clothing line?

MC: Yeah definitely. Maybe a clothing line. I see the fans with different shirt designs of us and I don’t even have my own!

Photos c/o InterAKTV