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Shock The Game: Not just for show

The ANTA Shock The Game SHOW4 is here.

Here’s your new go-to performance shoe.

The ANTA Shock The Game SHOW4 is all about giving supreme comfort while keeping a fresh look. Using ANTA’s NitroEdge technology, the STG SHOW4 is able to keep it light while providing elite cushioning and bounce for that “long-lasting rebound.” The shoe’s elastic built-in layer is there for that better locked in feel while its dynamic line combination ensures dynamic fitting. 

For battles done outside, the STG SHOW4 is equipped with a Cement Killer rubber outsole, which provides superior traction and durability.

That’s the performance part. When talking about the STG SHOW4’s unique style, the concept is already, hands-down, a must-have.

The shoe designs and colorways are inspired by Chinese cuisine that’s both mouthwatering and eye-catching. The “Seafood” comes in blue and pink hues; “Crayfish” is in crustacean orange; “River Snail Rice Noodle” sports a purple and yellow palette; and “Barbecue” mixes orange, lime green, and yellow.

All four STG SHOW4 colorways were present at the 2022 SLAM Rising Stars Classic Tournament. Check the shoes in action here.

The ANTA STG SHOW4 line is available in all ANTA stores nationwide, and online through and the TITAN app.