Semerad Brothers Say Sorry, Return to the Red Lions

After leaving their school high-and-dry, Anthony and David Semerad have returned to the place that made them famous, San Beda.

The twins bolted from the Red Lions after the team won their second back-to-back title in Season 86 of the NCAA. They decided to bring their talents to Katipunan and the Ateneo Blue Eagles in hopes of getting titles in both leagues. But, things didn’t quite go to plan.

After sitting out one season, the Semerads are ready to make their return in “prodigal son” fashion to Mendiola. A letter that was sent to Reverend Father Rector-President Aloysius Maranan for the San Beda Community was obtained by

In the Spirit of Peace and Reconciliation, we are reaching out to you in the hope of putting closure to any unresolved issues that may have inadvertently been misconstrued, and which may have caused some misunderstandings between us in the recent past.

We are, and will always be, proud Bedans and being back in the fold of our beloved Alma Mater is more that enough reason for us to gladly rejoice, and be even more excited about the future will bring for us and our beloved team.

We can only pray for humility, compassion and guidance, so that we can now all move on and look forward with a singular vision that will truly live up to San Beda’s illustrious legacy.

Now that the Semerads are back in Red, maybe we can get them some shirts so they don’t need to be walking around without clothes anymore. Together, we can make this happen.