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Rising Star: Jun Melecio’s time to shine

Jun Melecio is out to make a name for himself.

Jun Melecio is looking to make a name for himself at the SLAM Rising Stars Classic Tournament.

The high school senior from De La Salle Zobel is ready to embrace the spotlight, being the star point guard looking to make the next jump in his career. Melecio, the younger brother of Rising Star alumnus and current Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters guard Aljun, will seek to shine as many have attributed the Melecio brothers to have similar skill sets at different phases of their career.

The La Sallian guard is equipped with long-range shooting, shifty footwork, and speedy acceleration across the court. Melecio knows these are his skill sets and intends to continue to improve on them in his last year in high school.

The SLAM Rising Stars Classic Tournament will be the first official tournament that Melecio will be participating in now that 5-on-5 hoops are allowed. He considers himself in top shape coming up against the best high school prospects in the country and will not back down from a challenge.

He understands that everyone came from the pandemic and each one had their different ways of training and preparing for the new season ahead given the circumstances.

“It feels great kasi not everyone has the chance and opportunity to play with the top high school players in the country. I guess we just need to play our best—best of luck to everyone,” he told SLAM Philippines.

A key point in Melecio’s basketball career thus far has been his mentality. He and his brother have made it a point of emphasis that character and attitude are what separate them from many players in the country. He emphasizes that it is very easy to be a player on the court, but handling different commitments such as family, studies, and media duties are things athletes need to get used to.

“I’ve grown my mentality in the pandemic and there are certain things I’ve realized since training stopped. There are still things you can improve on outside of training and having a good with everyone is important in the long-term,” he said.

Melecio thinks that the next few years will be very exciting for the development of his basketball career. He has instilled habits during the pandemic that have continued to shape his playing style and how he leads a team on the hardwood.

Melecio always wants to keep his conditioning and shot-making sharp by hitting 200 shots per day across the arc. The Melecio brothers train with the same personal coach with Enrique Simafranca, a former high school teammate of the older Melecio.

Melecio attributes his accomplishments thus far to the environment and circle he is surrounded with and is very grateful for the support they have been giving him so far. They have always allowed him to shine through the outside noise and let him showcase his skills while being there if things go south. In preparing for SLAM Rising Stars, Melecio encapsulates the experience thus far:

“I just want to play and be myself. I just want to make a name out of myself, get out of the shadow, and play my game. If things go well, everything will speak for itself.”


[The 2022 SLAM Rising Stars Classic Tournament presented by ANTA tips off on July 30 at the Gatorade Hoops Center]