Quiccs continues to rep the country with the first Filipino-designed adidas tee pack

Photo from RG Gonzales

It all started with Superstars.

Growing up as, in his words, a chunky teen, Quiccs Maiquez was always drawn to the chunky aesthetic of the adidas Superstars. The iconic sneaker, a huge part of the hip-hop and graffiti culture in the 90s imprinted on the burgeoning young artist, and because of that, the Superstars made its way to his toy designs.

“I’ve always incorporated the Superstars in most of my toys since 2012. It’s really my favorite shoe, and my favorite brand as well,” he shares.

This wasn’t a one-sided affair though. As Quiccs made his name as a superstar artist and toy designer throughout the world, adidas, a brand that prides itself in working with creators took notice.

Photo from RG Gonzales

“Around 2018, we were looking for hyper local projects, or hyper local collaborators,” shares Jen Dacasin, adidas Philippines Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager. “Nag-align lang din talaga, what Quiccs stands for and how we wanted to drive this hyper local plan to the market.”

Quiccs’ brand love turned into an actual relationship with adidas, with their first project being a toy and sneaker collaboration featuring an iteration of his most popular character, TEQ 63, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his favorite sneaker, the Superstars. That collaboration to open the year was followed by two more Superstar collections partnered with Quiccs’ NanoTEQ toys, the Girls Are Awesome and the Swarovski pack.

That was only the beginning. True to their hyper local thrust, their partnership blossomed into a product line designed by Quiccs, the first Filipino-designed line of the brand.

“Quiccs has embodied the type of Creator we look for and we’re proud to officially launch the Quiccs Manila Tee, the first of many releases from this collaboration,” Jen proudly shares.

Photo from RG Gonzales
Photo from RG Gonzales

The Quiccs Manila Tee pack is a collection of three shirts that proudly represent the Philippines through the colors and design elements.

Quiccs himself shared that he wanted to represent the Philippines in his first opportunity to design a line for the brand. “So you can see subtle elements on it that call the elements of the Philippine flag, like the three stars are always there. The elements of the sun, but I put my twist into it, by putting three mini-stripes into each sun.” he explains. “You can see the blue, the red, the yellow and the white always present in all of them.”

“I really wanted people around the world to know that it’s from the Philippines, just by seeing the shirt.”

Photo from RG Gonzales
Photo from RG Gonzales

He not only incorporated Philippine elements in the shirt, but also managed to include Pinoy culture in his design. The main character featured in all three shirts, TEQ 63, is shown always holding a basketball.

“The sport that can relate to Filipinos is basketball since a lot of us grew up loving the sport. It can be considered as our national sport,” Quiccs shares about the main focus of the design for the tees.

“Basketball is actually my favorite sport. I used to play a lot of basketball in high school,” he explains about his love for the game. “If I had to choose one sport to represent myself in the adidas brand, it would be basketball.”

Photo from RG Gonzales

The Quiccs Manila Tee pack isn’t just a showcase that Filipinos have world-class talent, that the products made in Manila are also made for the world. This collection serves as an inspiration for all Filipinos to keep pushing the boundaries, keep growing the culture, keep creating until you can’t be ignored anymore.

“We’re excited for this chance to inspire the next generation of Creators and look forward to more opportunities to foster local art through future collaborations,” explains Jen.

Photo from RG Gonzales

To say that this is a dream come true for Quiccs is an understatement.

“I’m just a random kid from the Philippines. And now I can safely say that I’m a Creator for adidas.”

The Philippine Pre Launch drop will be on October 22 through the TITAN Web Store and App. The whole collection will be available in select adidas Philippines stores starting October 23.