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Q&A: TITAN Brand Design Director Allyn Martin on the 3rd Nike LeBron Collab

The third TITAN x LeBron collab is here.

Three years ago, the first TITAN and Nike collaboration was born as a tribute to the magic and power of our own folklore. It was a vessel that allowed the world to feel our presence and hear our stories. Fittingly, the second TITAN was then our gift to the world. A representation of our fiery love for the game that always showed its love back. And now, the third Titan celebrates our country’s distinct passion for the game. A passion that goes Beyond the Seas. A passion worth returning to. And a passion that is best described by the King who helped bring these Titans to life—incredible. 

The TITAN, Nike, and LeBron James partnership sees a third installation. This time, on the Nike LeBron 19 Low. To learn more about the story and inspiration of the sneaker, SLAM Philippines sat down with TITAN’s Brand Design Director Allyn Martin. 

This is the story of the TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas.’

SLAM Philippines: What was the inspiration for this third TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low collab?

Allyn: Our third collaboration with LeBron and Nike pays homage to Manila’s original symbol: the Ultramar. A mythical creature that is half lion with a dolphin tail. The lion symbolizes STRENGTH AND ROYALTY while the dolphin tail symbolizes the territory OVERSEAS. Drawing inspiration from the Ultramar that loosely translates to “Beyond the Seas,” this shoe represents LeBron and his connection to the Philippines and its people.

S: What story did you want to tell with this third shoe?

A: The shoe celebrates LeBron’s impact and influence that stretches across nations, specifically the Philippines and its passion for the game of basketball.

S: What are some of your favorite details of the sneaker?

A: Definitely the quotes on the toe box. During his time here in Manila, he expressed his admiration for the country’s passion for the game of basketball and really enjoyed his time here. I think what resonates most with his Filipino fans is his work ethic and what he does on and off the court that really inspires people around the world to strive for greatness.

S: When leading projects like this TITAN x LeBron saga, what’s the number one factor you take into consideration?

A: I think one of the considerations was to make sure that we celebrate LeBron’s story and passion for the game and solidify his connection to Philippine basketball. With these opportunities, we get to tell these incredible stories that celebrate his values and passion through the TITAN lens.

The TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’ will be available in all TITAN stores, TITAN22.COM, and The TITAN App on September 4, 2022, and in select accounts around the world including SNKRS and The NBA Store Philippines on September 8, 2022.