Pro Moves: Here are the right moves for tricky in-game situations

It’s your weekly run with your buddies and you come out feeling fresh and loose. You start sinking a couple of jumpers and get into a nice groove. With the game on the line, your teammates look to you to deliver. You try and make your move usual move but suddenly, the defense sends another guy your way. What do you do?

Things won’t be smooth sailing all the way in the game. Sometimes you’ll be faced with tricky situations that you’ll have to figure out. So, here are the right moves to untangle those tough in-game moments.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Facing a Double-Team

The first step to effectively beating the double-team is to anticipate where the help defense is coming from. That way, you can position the ball away from the defenders. When the ball pressure arrives, stay calm and don’t immediately kill your dribble. Instead, keep it alive so that you can navigate your way out of the double-team into open space. Finally, stay aware of the court. Being double-teamed means you have an open teammate ready to receive the pass. Find that teammate, and wait for an opening to pass the ball to him.

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

Defending a 2-on-1 Fast Break

Start off by trying to beat the two attackers to the free throw line. Once you get there, spread your arms wide and locate the player with the ball. Angle your body very slightly between that player and the basket. Do not to completely turn your body towards the ball handler, as you have to be able to shift your defense quickly once a pass is made. The key to stopping a 2-on-1 fast break is to always stay in between the two players and the hoop. That way you force the ball handler to make a move and then try to disrupt him once he tries to pass or go for the shot.

Photo by Steven Abraham on Unsplash

Playing Against a Bigger Defender

It’s important to understand that trying to take on a bigger defender 1-on-1 will most likely result in a loss. Basketball is a team game so use your teammates to be able to break free. Call for a screen from a teammate with a smaller defender. The screen will either free you up for a moment or force the smaller defender to switch on you. Try to play off the ball and run around off-ball screens towards the open space. The worst case scenario is to stay away from the action as a final option. That way you are taking away one defender from the play.

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