PBA taps Herbalife as official nutrition partner

Embodying the qualities of a healthy and active lifestyle, the athlete is perceived to be a fine example of how good health can be beneficial for an individual if given the proper nutrition complimented by a regular dose of physical regimen such as daily exercise.

Given that athletes, especially those at the professional level, depend mainly on their craft as their means of living, then it is a must that they should receive an adequate level of sustenance and nutrition needed to optimize their body to perform at the highest level in any form of discipline that they are engaged in.

This is what Herbalife International Philippines aims to fulfil in Asia’s first professional cage league, as the global nutrition company has recently forged a partnership with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) to serve as the league’s official partner in identifying and addressing the nutritional requirements of the players within its fold at the same time making the PBA a conveyor of the company’s health and wellness objectives.

Herbalife Senior Vice-President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific William Rahn is pleased at this alliance. He believes that the PBA is the perfect vehicle in delivering the company’s message of proper nutrition to all Filipinos, knowing very well the country’s zest for the sport.

“We are proud to be the PBA’s Official Nutrition Partner. Herbalife has been active worldwide in promoting good nutrition and healthy, active lifestyle. We place high importance on the health and performance of our sponsored athletes, in the same way, the PBA values the maximum performance of its players. We believe that good nutrition in sports is an essential ingredient to enable athletes to reach a higher performance level. Basketball is a well-loved sport in the country. We believe the PBA is the best partner for our message to be better understood and our products to be even more appreciated by the Filipinos,” says Rahn.

On the PBA’s behalf, Commissioner Chito Salud is looking towards a fruitful partnership with the company. “The PBA is proud to have Herbalife as part of our growing family. The company has remained a dominant force in the global market with its nutrition, energy and fitness supplements and personal care products,” says Commissioner Salud. “We, in the PBA, truly believe this partnership will have a formidable impact.”

Herbalife Philippines General Manager Bong Valenzuela also added, “Good nutrition is needed by the PBA players. As a partner for good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, we can get the players to try it and make sure it helps them become healthier and use it for their sport. So that’s the big plan for this partnership. We believe that this endeavor will help a lot of athletes.”

“We are not only promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, but also to signify the importance of nutrition to change people’s lives,” says Younghee Chung, the company’s Sub-Region Head and General Manager for Korea and the Philippines.


To ensure Herbalife’s commitment in promoting a balanced and healthy way of living to the local professional cagers, sports nutrition experts such as Dr. Jonathan Yarom will be working closely with some of the league’s players towards fortifying their understanding in regards to the importance of sufficient nutritional intake for athletes.

With an extensive background in sports medicine brought about by his participation in various sports federations such as the Israel National Olympic committee and sports medicine groups in his home country of Israel, Dr. Yarom brings his vast experience in the field to the Philippines’ premiere basketball league.

When asked if the PBA and its players can replicate the same level of success that he had during his time working with the football and basketball teams of the Macabbi Tel Aviv franchise given this partnership with Herbalife, Dr. Yarom replied that it depends on the athlete’s approach to the program.

“It really depends on the players’ reception. It is up to them to accept what we (Herbalife) will do. What we want is for them is to be free from injuries, or at least have a shorter period of recovery as well as to perform better and last longer when they’re playing professional basketball. We’ll look at these players, check his diet and see what he needs in order to be a better athlete,” says the sports physician.

As a member of Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB), Dr. Yarom’s visit to the country is in line with the company’s Third Asia Pacific Wellness Tour, which kicked off in Hanoi, Vietnam in this April. The NAB are touring 28 cities in the region, which include Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines as part of Herbalife’s continuous effort to raise public awareness of the importance of balanced nutrition as part of a healthy active life.

Also attending this event are PBA cagers Mark Cardona of the NLEX Road Warriors, KIA’s Alex Nuyles and Terrence Romeo of Globalport.