NBA All-Star Game format change gets people excited about possibilities

The NBA announced on Tuesday a change to the annual NBA All-Star Game format, wherein there will be no more East versus West but rather, two captains will be drafting players into their squads.

It sounds like a major revamp at first, but essentially, there will still be 12 all-stars from each of the two conferences. Fans, players, and the media still get to vote for 10 starters — five from each conference — while the coaches select the 14 reserves — seven from each conference — to form a 24-man pool.

The top two vote-getters will be the captains, who shall then draft 11 players to their roster. Further details will be announced later by the league.

In the future, the NBA should veer away from having the all-stars selected based on their conferences and just have people vote for the 10 best starters and the coaches for the 14 best reserves, regardless of their conference. Still, it’s a step toward the right direction.

With players like Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Paul Millsap, and Carmelo Anthony all having been moved to the Western Conference, there obviously is an imbalance and such move by the NBA will try to make the rosters as balanced and competitive as possible.


To ensure that players will also compete in the actual game, the NBA announced they will be playing for a charity of their choice, either from the host city of the All-Star Weekend or a national charity.

This move by the league got people interested right away, mainly due to what might happen. Will the draft be aired live on national TV? That would be even more fun. Will LeBron James select Kyrie Irving? Will the Golden State Warriors be able to form their superteam or will another captain snatch a player or two? The possibilities are limitless!

In line with that, here are just a few outcomes to look forward to.

NBA All-Star Game 2015

Banana Boat vs. The World (Champions)

Our good friend Adrian Dy tweeted his dream starters scenario where LeBron James forms Banana Boat with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul, while also getting Russell Westbrook.

On the other hand, Steph Curry lets his Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant join him, before adding Kyrie Irving.

Just imagine, LeBron would be competing against the Warriors superteam and now he even has to deal with Irving being their teammate.

Depending on how both Wade and Anthony perform, the possibility of having a Banana Boat team-up in the All-Star Game isn’t too high, but it would be fun to finally see them play together in the NBA. Of course, they have in the Olympics, but LeBron even mentioned being okay taking a pay cut for the four them to be able to join forces.

NBA All-Star Portraits 2017

LeBron + Giannis, Kawhi, Cousins/Davis

Since Durant joined the Warriors, pundits knew they would be unstoppable, and it led to a couple of thoughts like, which five would it take to beat them?

Well, what if LeBron is able to draft Giannis Antetokoumpo and Kawhi Leonard? What if he even manages to snag DeMarcus Cousins or Anthony Davis? Granted, it’s an All-Star Game, but it would be interesting to see them defend the Warriors Big Four.

We may never see those names play together, let alone Giannis and Kawhi or Giannis and AD. But because of the new format, we can see how a super defensive line-up can match-up to Golden State’s Line-up of Death.


All-unicorn team

Might as well go all-in and have an all-unicorn roster of Durant, Giannis, Kawhi, Davis, and Kristaps Porzingis should he make the All-Star game. If somehow, Nikola Jokic turns in an All-Star level showing for the Denver Nuggets, add him to this line-up.

Imagine the length, shooting, passing and athleticism in one team. The world could possibly see things that haven’t been done before in a basketball court with this magical line-up.

2017 NBA All-Star Game

LeBron snatches Draymond Green

In another world though, what if LeBron selects Draymond Green to be part of his line-up? Draymond has always drawn comparisons to LeBron in terms of his versatility. He has made life difficult for The King whenever their NBA teams match-up. LeBron would surely be relieved Green is finally on his side for a change.

It’s an interesting dynamic even if it’s just an All-Star Game. Will Draymond, someone with supreme self-confidence defer to LeBron, someone widely regarded as the best player in the league? It’s a possibility full of explosive potential given the history of the two.

NBA All-Star Game 2017

Will an original OKC Super Team reunion still happen?

We all know Durant, Westbrook, and James Harden were once on the same team though they’re competing for different squads now. In the past, they still get to be teammates in the All-Star Game because they all come from the West.

Which leads to the question, under the draft format, will it still happen? If Durant wins top vote-getter, will he draft Harden and Westbrook? If Westbrook gets the rights, will he snub KD? What if he picks Harden but not KD? What would people make of that? Basketball Twitter will surely explode with #PettyWarz tweets if Westbrook snubs KD and teams up with Harden, or vice versa.


Future Lakers volt in

Westbrook, Paul George, LeBron, even Klay Thompson and DeMar DeRozan on one team. Some of them might be #FutureLakers, you know. This is really just to tease Lakers fans that probably won’t have a representative in the All-Star next year.


Battle of premium point guards

There’s also been debates about who the best point guards are in the East and West. Obviously, under the old format, they all join forces for their respective conferences.

But with the new format, there’s a chance they can go head to head. Example: John Wall, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard on one team, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Kyle Lowry on another. Is Wall really better than Irving? Has Steph Curry surpassed Chris Paul out in the West? Who’s more clutch, Dame or Lowry? Let them team up and go to battle!


Plot twists galore!


Seriously though, that would be ridiculous, and that’s why this all-star game format change has already got people buzzing.

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