NBA releases 2014-15 schedule, extends All-Star Weekend break

The NBA has unveiled their 2014-15 schedule, and revealed that players will get a proper mid-season break thanks to an extended rest period around the All-Star Weekend.

Opening day, October 28 (Oct. 29, PHL time) sees the Orlando Magic take on the New Orleans Pelicans, while at the same time, the Dallas Mavericks head to San Antonio, in the hopes of ruining the Spurs’ ring night. Later in the day, it’s an early reunion for Jeremy Lin, as his former team, the Houston Rockets, battle his new side, the LA Lakers, in what will likely be the return of Kobe Bryant.


The traditional Christmas day lineup of games features five must-see clashes. It begins with the Washington Wizards heading to New York to face Carmelo Anthony’s Knicks, followed by a Western Conference Finals redux of the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the San Antonio Spurs. That’s succeeded by LeBron James’ return to South Beach, as the Cleveland Cavaliers battle the Miami Heat, then it’s a battle of comebacking super stars, as Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers clash against Derrick Rose’s Chicago Bulls. Finally, the nightcap is two teams that plain don’t like each other, the Golden State Warriors versus the LA Clippers.

As previously mentioned, an interesting new quirk is the fact that there won’t be any games played from February 13 to 18, to make sure that players, regardless of whether they’re taking part in the All-Star Weekend festivities or not, get a decent amount of rest time.

You can check out the full schedule at

Graphics courtesy of NBA’s Twitter account