NBA Free Agency Recap: Warriors add DeMarcus Cousins to their All-Star filled roster

If you thought the Golden State Warriors couldn’t get any better, well you were wrong.

The Warriors are adding another All-Star to the mix in DeMarcus Cousins. Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports first broke the news of Cousins’ agreement with Golden State. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that the big man is signing a one-year deal with his new team worth $5.3 million.

On the surface this is devastating news to the rest of the NBA. The Warriors add another All-NBA level player to their roster in Cousins. He has shown his dominance in the paint during his stints with the Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans. To make matters worse, the big man has started expanding his range (2.2 3PM at 35%) and has shown that he is comfortable with making plays from the post as well (5.4 apg).

There’s more to this move than just the Warriors adding another All-Star. Cousins is coming off an achilles injury he suffered in January this year. Right now, no one knows what kind of shape he’ll be in coming into next season. If he returns to his world-destroyer form, then the Warriors are practically unbeatable. He could be the third Splash Brother in what would be a starting line-up good for the All-Star Game.

The Warriors are in no rush to bring Cousins back early. His timetable is set for December of January. They can bring him in slowly given the depth of the team. As long as he’s back in shape for the Playoffs, then the deal was worth it for Golden State. This also puts Golden State as the front-runners to re-sign Cousins in 2019 when they have contracts like the ones of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson expiring. They can reload from within.

As for Cousins, this is a smart move for him. Very few teams showed serious interest in him because of his injury. Signing with Golden State not only puts him in the best situation to win a ring, he also goes to a team where he can fully showcase his talents. If Cousins shines with the Warriors, he can increase his value for next summer and sign the long-term deal then.

This is a win-win for Cousins and the Warriors. It’s a lose-lose for the rest of the league trying to keep up with the champs.

Before Cousins signed with the Warriors, the Pelicans already made a move to shore up their front court. Wojnarowski reported that Julius Randle would be moving from the LA Lakers to the Pelicans on a two-year $18 million deal. With Cousins now gone, the Pelicans still found a way to partner up Anthony Davis with another bully-ball player in the front court.

The Lakers continue to make moves to fill out their roster. After a flurry of agreements yesterday that bagged them LeBron James, Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee, they add another veteran to that group in Rajon Rondo. The Pelicans and Lakers basically traded players for next season as Rondo will be making $9 million on a one-year deal. This was first reported by Charania.

Another player making a move is Nerlens Noel. The young big man was benched by the Mavericks last season. He looks to play a more meaningful role with his new team, the OKC Thunder. Charania reported that the Thunder and Noel have agreed to a two-year deal.

The other free agent agreements of the day are:

Derrick Favors signed a two-year deal with the Utah Jazz worth $36 million according to Charania. The Jazz keep their budding young big man to stay with their young core.

Free agent guard JJ Redick will return to the Philadelphia 76ers on a 1-year deal in the $12M-to-13M range, league sources tell ESPN

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 2, 2018

“>JJ Redick has agreed to a one-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers based on reports by Wojnarowski. The Sixers keep a shooter after losing several in the first day.

Anthony Tolliver has agreed to a one-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves get another floor-spacing big to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns.

There are several players still left unsigned, including Clint Capela, Tyreke Evans, Marcus Smart, Jusuf Nurkic, Isaiah Thomas and Zach Lavine.

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