NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Paul George returns to Indy with a vengeance

Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers

NBA results, December 14, 2017

OKC Thunder 100 – Indiana Pacers 95

LA Clippers 106 – Orlando Magic 95

Washington Wizards 93 – Memphis Grizzlies 87

Boston Celtics 124 – Denver Nuggets 118

Portland Trail Blazers 102 – Miami Heat 95

Chicago Bulls 103 – Utah Jazz 100

New Orleans Pelicans 115 – Milwaukee Bucks 108

Toronto Raptors 115 – Phoenix Suns 109

Houston Rockets 108 – Charlotte Hornets 96

Five things that happened in the NBA today

1. Paul George seals the win in Indiana

The OKC Thunder and the Indiana Pacers have had contrasting seasons so far. After trading Paul George to the Thunder, Indiana was supposed to be a lottery bound team full of young talent. But they haven’ played their age. They’ve shown composure in the end game and are a legitimate Playoff team in the East. OKC was supposed to be ready to wage war in the upper echelon of the West with George and Carmelo Anthony in tow. But they’ve crashed out of the Playoff race due to their inability to close out games.

A lot has been said about the George trade since it happened. What was once a heist by the Thunder doesn’t look so much like a steal now.

So, in his first game back in Indiana, George was on a mission to prove a point. He was ice-cold all throughout the game. He shot only 3/14 from the field and was limited to 12 points. But he impacted the game on the defensive end, especially in the final seconds of the game.

With the Thunder up by only three points, he came up with the game-saving steal after he and Steven Adams applied pressure on the Pacers inbounds play.

He then sank two free throws to seal the game. George also had a message to the Indiana crowd that was booing him all game long.

2. Pelicans Twin Towers too much for Giannis Antetokounmpo

Even with his unlimited length, Giannis Antetokounmpo wasn’t enough to overcome the Twin Towers in New Orleans. Antetokounmpo has 32 points, nine rebounds, four assists and five steals. Unfortunately for the Bucks, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins combined for 51 points, 23 rebounds, nine assists and five blocks to offset the Greek Freak’s production.

Davis was out for one game because of a recurring adductor muscle injury. He returned in this game to team up with Cousins and power the Pelicans to a win.

3. The Bulls don’t know how to tank

The Chicago Bulls are supposed to be rebuilding. Rebuilding usually means tanking games to get a better chances to draft a top player next year. But the Bulls can’t seem to grasp the concept. They’re currently riding a four game win streak, the best active win streak in the East.

Since coming back from a fracture in his face, Nikola Mirotic has been on fire. Mirotic has played four games and all four have been wins. His best game yet was against the Utah Jazz. He scored 29 points and grabbed nine boards to lead the Bulls to another win.

You keep doing you, Bulls. Keep your fans and the rest of the league guessing!

4. Chris Paul plays his best game as a Rocket

Chris Paul has frustrated hi NBA Fantasy owners all season long. He was a first round pick for a lot of NBA Fantasy Drafts. Unfortunately, he hasn’t panned out as a first round picks. Don’t mistake this for Paul not playing well. He is.

He’s teamed up with Harden since his return from injury and powered the Rockets to an 11-game winning streak. It’s just that his stats have taken a dip. He’s deferred to James Harden, naturally and that’s taken away from his ball-handling duties.

But recently, he’s found a groove and is getting back to the old Point God that everyone knows. His latest performance against the Charlotte Hornets was his best as a Rocket this season.

That’s first round numbers right there.

5. Celtics win a shootout with the Nuggets

The Boston Celtics are known more for their stout defense. They’re not a grind-it-out kind of team but they’re also not a high-scoring machine. Against the Denver Nuggets they got pulled into a shootout. The Nuggets baited them into a fast-paced high scoring affair. The two teams combined for 242 points.

Boston showed the league that they can win high-scoring games too. They beat the Nuggets in their own game with Kyrie Irving as the hottest gun of the Celtics. He scored 33 points which was enough to beat out the 36 of Gary Harris.

Did an NBA superstar get ejected today?

No. But Joel Embiid should be ejected for his savage owning of Karl-Anthony Towns on Instagram.

It started with Embiid’s post roasting Towns. The “cat” in the caption was a subtle shot. Not so subtle was looking for a picture of him with Towns in the background. Towns took note of the shot and wasn’t amused based on his reply on the post.

Embiid, not one to pull any punches, came after Towns hard.

March 25 can’t come soon enough. Towns will surely march into Philly looking for some payback.

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