NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Oladipo’s game-winner sinks the Celtics

NBA results, November 4, 2018

Detroit Pistons (99) – Philadelphia 76ers (109)

Cleveland Cavaliers (94) – Charlotte Hornets (126)

Boston Celtics (101) – Indiana Pacers (102)

Miami Heat (118) – Atlanta Hawks (123)

Houston Rockets (98) – Chicago Bulls (88)

New Orleans Pelicans (95) – San Antonio Spurs (109)

Utah Jazz (88) – Denver Nuggets (103)

LA Lakers (114) – Portland Trail Blazers (110)

Three things that happened in the NBA today:

1. Oladipo was clutch on both ends

With less than 40 seconds left in the game, the Celtics had the ball with a chance to extend a one-point lead. Victor Oladipo was draped all over Kyrie Irving as the Celtics All-Star angled to take a shot. Irving called for a screen and got the switch. But he hesitated on his shot which allowed Oladipo to recover defensively. It didn’t matter as Irving fired up a three-pointer that splashed in over Oladipo. The Celtics had a four-point lead with 37 seconds left. That shot deflated the Indiana crowd as the game was seemingly done.

Oladipo wasn’t done though.

In the next offensive possession, he got the switch and drove past Al Horford to the hoop where he was fouled taking a layup. He cooly sank both freebies to cut the lead down to just two points. On the other end of the floor, the Celtics tried to run a play where they got the ball into Irving for a shot close to the hoop. Irving missed his shot and Oladipo grabbed the board with a change to win the game.

With 10 seconds left on the clock Oladipo brought the ball down, sized up Irving and then pulled up for a three-pointer from Kyrie’s signature spot. The ball sailed over Irving and Horford and fell neatly into the hoop, barely even grazing the net. He sealed the win when he intercepted the inbound pass meant for Jayson Tatum.

That win vaults the Pacers above the Celtics for third place in the East, behind only Toronto and Milwaukee.

2. Joel Embiid built another condo in Drummond’s head

After their first meeting this season, where Joel Embiid got Andre Drummond ejected, he told the media that he owned a lot of real estate in Drummond’s head.

The Pistons got the win in their first meeting so Drummond had a quick reply.

The beef between the two big men continued when the Pistons visited the Sixers. Embiid absolutely dominated Drummond with 39 points on 23 free throw attempts. He also had 17 rebounds and two blocks. Drummond was in foul trouble all game long. He only had eight points and nine rebounds in 21 minutes of action.

After the game, Embiid had this to say:

Embiid got the numbers and the win this time around. Drummond’s been awfully silent with the replies to Embiid after Round Two.

3. Lakers break losing spell in Portland

After owning the Blazers for much of the Kobe years, the Lakers went through a dry spell when it came to winning against the Blazers at their home court. How long? Four years.

They missed their chance in the first game of the season but made up for it on their second visit to get their fourth win in nine games. LeBron James led the way with 28 points, including clutch plays to put the Lakers over the Blazers.

With James powering the team, the Lakers are hoping to break losing runs they had during the rebuilding years.

Photo from USA Today