NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Kevin Durant doesn’t need shoes to block your shots


NBA results, October 21, 2017

Charlotte Hornets 109 – Atlanta Hawks 91

Portland Trail Blazers 114 – Indiana Pacers 96

Boston Celtics 102 – Philadelphia 76ers 92

Washington Wizards 115 – Detroit Pistons 111

Cleveland Cavaliers 116 – Milwaukee Bucks 97

Brooklyn Nets 126 – Orlando Magic 121

Minnesota Timberwolves 100 – Utah Jazz 97

Sacramento Kings 93 – Dallas Mavericks 88

LA Lakers 132 – Phoenix Suns 130

Golden State Warriors 128 – New Orleans Pelicans 120

Five things that happened in the NBA today:

1. Kevin Durant blocks back-to-back shots with one shoe

When the Warriors signed Kevin Durant last year, they were looking for a player that could seamlessly fit into their system well. They got more than that. Durant transformed the Warriors into a killer strike force on offense and he also became their de facto rim protector. Durant used every bit of his length to block and alter shots which made the vaunted Line-up of Death even more scary.

Against the New Orleans Pelicans, Durant showed off his rim protection skills to the fullest. He collected seven blocks against the league’s best frontline in DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis.

If that wasn’t enough, Durant blocked back-to-back shots with only one shoe on. Because you know, it was getting easy for him.

The Warriors picked up their first win of the season because Durant took care of business on one end and Klay Thompson caught fire on the other end. Thompson scored 31 points on seven treys as the Warriors pulled away late in the game.

2. The Greek Freak challenged The King

Giannis Antetokounmpo hosted LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in an early test for the young Bucks. It was a battle between the young stud and the grizzled veteran.

The Greek Freak put up MVP numbers once again with34 points, eight rebounds, eight assists and three steals. Based on the numbers, he outplayed The King who had “only” 24 points, five boards and eight assists.

But The King came out on top. The Cavaliers blew out the Bucks with LeBron teaching Giannis a thing or two about the game.

3. Lonzo Ball flirts with a triple-double

Lonzo Ball opened the regular season with a dud as he was sonned by Patrick Beverley, an All-NBA defender. He came out more aggressive against the Phoenix Suns. Ball almost recorded a triple double with 29 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists. More importantly, the Lakers got their first win of the season.

Ball played will throughout the game as he set the pace for the Lakers and led them with his passing. But in the clutch, he took over with his scoring as the Lakers built enough of a cushion to outlast a last gasp run by the Suns.

4. John Wall, D’Angelo Russell and CJ McCollum are good at dribbling

D’Angelo Russell puts rookie Jonathan Isaac on skates, John Wall stops on a dime and leaves Reggie Jackson in the dust while CJ McCollum plays around with TJ Leaf.

5. Draymond and Boogie going at it hard

Two of the most outspoken and physical players in the league continued their “friendly” rivalry. Coming into the game, Draymond Green wanted to get into DeMarcus Cousins’ head.

Things got chippy between the two all throughout the game. Draymond played physical defense on Boogie with a ton of shoving between the two. As a result, Green got his first technical foul of the season on a strong shove to get Cousins out of his way.

Two mammoths going at it hard against each other is enough to scare anyone.

Photo from AP

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