NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Hinkie died for THIS Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers

NBA results November 16, 2017

Atlanta Hawks 126 – Sacramento Kings 80

Washington Wizards 102 – Miami Heat 93

New York Knicks 106 – Utah Jazz 101

Cleveland Cavaliers 115 – Charlotte Hornets 107

Indiana Pacers 116 – Memphis Grizzlies 113

Milwaukee Bucks 99 – Detroit Pistons 95

Minnesota Timberwolves 98 – San Antonio Spurs 86

Toronto Raptors 125 – New Orleans Pelicans 116

OKC Thunder 92 – Chicago Bulls 79

Portland Trail Blazers 99 – Orlando Magic 94

Philadelphia 76ers 115 – LA Lakers 109

Five things that happened in the NBA

1. Joel Embiid was downright dominant

Joel Embiid has only played 42 games in his short NBA career. But those 42 games have mostly been magnificent. Against the LA Lakers today, Embiid played his best game yet. He led the Philadelphia 76ers with a career high 46 points (!!!). He also had 15 rebounds, seven assists, seven blocks (!!!) and two three-pointers.

That might be the most ridiculous stat line this season. And there have been some ridiculous stat lines early this season already. This is the closest anyone has come to a quadruple-double in the past few years.

Embiid was awesome from everywhere on the court. He opened up the game hitting two outside shots and slowly took his game inside from there. The Lakers threw everyone they had on their roster at Embiid and nothing worked. He was so dominant that defensive liability, Brook Lopez only played 15 minutes, paving the way for Andrew Bogut to play heavier minutes.

This was the Embiid that former Philly General Manager Sam Hinkie envisioned leading the Sixers. He took a risk on an injured Embiid in 2014. The big man missed two years and Hinkie lost his job as the Sixers continued to lose. Hinkie’s gamble is now paying off for the Sixers. Embiid is showing what a dominant force he could be. Hinkie’s other gamble, Ben Simmons is also showing glimpses of greatness early in the season. Against the Lakers, he almost had a triple-double with 18 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists with five steals.

Hinkie died for these Sixers but Philly is partying on with these two budding superstars.

THE GOAT #HeDiedForOurSins #TrustTheProcess A post shared by Joel “The Process” Embiid (@joelembiid) on

2. Kyle Kuzma tried to turn Embiid into a GIF

Kyle Kuzma is fearless. The rookie continues to defy expectations this season. Against the Sixers, he scored 24 points with seven rebounds.

In the middle of Embiid’s highlight fest, Kuzma tried to make a highlight of his own.

3. Bucks hold a block party in Milwaukee

The Bucks are the longest team in the NBA. They have three players whose wingspan is at least 7’3″ in Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson and Thon Maker.

They used every bit of that length to collect a season-high 16 blocks as a team. Antetokounmpo and Maker blocked four shots each while Henson, Tony Snell and Eric Bledsoe had two blocks each. Malcolm Brogdon and DeAndre Liggins added one block each to complete the Bucks block party.

The most number of blocked shots by a team were the Toronto Raptors in a game against the Altanta Hawks in 2001. They collected 23 blocks as a team with Keon Clark blocking 12 shots in that game.

4. Karl Anthony had himself a birthday

The Minnesota Timberwolves are rolling this season. They’re third place in the Western Conference with a 9-5 record. They faced off against the Spurs and avenged an early-season loss to San Antonio. Karl-Anthony Towns led the Timberwolves with 26 points and 16 rebounds.

He celebrated his birthday with a big win over a top-tier team.

Towns is averaging 21 points and 11 rebounds on 54% shooting this season. He’s come a long way since his time playing around on the sidelines.

5. OKC and Cleveland can chill with the panic button

Just last week, the NBA was abuzz with panic button talks. Both the Cavs and Thunder suffered consecutive losses, including surprising Ls to lower ranked teams. The Cavs fell to the Knicks and Pacers on back-to-back games while the Thunder were embarrassed by the Kings.

They can put off pushing the panic button this week as they’ve gotten their act together and strung up three-game winning streaks.

Cleveland took home a big win over the Charlotte Hornets with LeBron James leading the way. The King had 31 points, six rebounds and eight assists.

It was a total team effort by the OKC superstars in their win against the lowly Bulls. Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Russell Westbrook combined for 52 of the team’s 92 points.

Did an NBA jersey rip today?

Nope. But RIP to all those Ben Simmons-Lonzo Ball comparisons. Simmons is on a totally different level.

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