NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Donovan Mitchell makes his case for Rookie of the Month


NBA results, December 2, 2017

Golden State Warriors 133 – Orlando Magic 112

Washington Wizards 109 – Detroit Pistons 91

Toronto Raptors 120 – Indiana Pacers 115

Miami Heat 105 – Charlotte Hornets 100

Sacramento Kings 107 – Chicago Bulls 106

San Antonio Spurs 95 – Memphis Grizzlies 79

OKC Thunder 111 – Minnesota Timberwolves 107

Utah Jazz 114 – New Orleans Pelicans 108

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. Keep your eye on another rook, Donovan Mitchell

The Rookies of the Month for October to November were announced. Out in the East, it’s no surprise that Ben Simmons won the award. In the West, Kyle Kuzma ended up taking the honor. Kuzma is just one of the rookies in the Western Conference making noise. There’s Lonzo Ball who moves between bust and superstar with every game. There’s also Dennis Smith Jr. who plays like a young Russ or DRose.

One rookie that gets lost in the shuffle is Donovan Mitchell. Just like Kuzma, Mitchell started off on the bench but he’s slowly played his way to the Utah Jazz starting line-up. With Rudy Gobert out because of an injury, Mitchell has stepped up to carry the scoring load.

Against the New Orleans Pelicans, Mitchell erupted for a career-high 41 points and led the Jazz to a win. He scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to help get his team past the Pelicans.

In the very first day of December, the same day the Rookies of the Month for the past month were announced, Mitchell already started making his claim on the Rookie of the Month award for December.

2. Not again Anthony Davis

Last year was the first time Anthony Davis played more than 70 games. He finished the season playing 75 games and finally looked like he was over the injury hump. That doesn’t seem like the case as Davis went down in the game against the Utah Jazz with a groin injury.

It happened as he was boxing out Derrick Favors to get a rebound. His body stiffened up and he fell to the floor holding on to his groin. What makes this injury scary is that there was no excessive force or banging of the bodies that happened. It was almost a non-contact kind of injury. He had to be helped off the floor as he couldn’t put pressure on his groin.

So far there’s no update regarding the extent of Davis’ injury.

3. Warriors dish out 46 assists

Everyone knew that the Golden State Warriors system is almost unbeatable. Teams have to play almost perfectly just to have a chance to beat them. And even when they seem like they’re winning the Warriors flip a switch to get back in the game.

But when they’re humming from start to finish? Good luck staying close. They blow teams out of the water when they find their rhythm early in the game.

That’s exactly what happened against the Orlando Magic. The Warriors dished out 46 assists. The fifth time they had 40 or more assists in a game since the 2015-2016 season.

Did an NBA jersey rip today?

No but bid I am putting this segment to rest now that Nike has made improvements to strengthen the NBA jerseys.

There’s a new segment given what’s been happening the past few days.

Did an NBA superstar get ejected today?

Three days ago, LeBron James was ejected for the first time in his NBA career.

A day after that, Anthony Davis was tossed for the first time in his career too.

Today was the third straight day that an NBA superstar was ejected. Kevin Durant was thrown out late in their game against the Magic for his choice words for an official.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Durant was thrown out of a game. In fact this isn’t the first time he was thrown out this season.

It seems as if the refs have had enough and are now fighting back through ejections. Let’s see if this trend holds true for the rest of the season.

Photo from Salt Lake Tribune

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