NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Derrick Rose pours 50 points in an emotional night

NBA results: November 1, 2018

Detroit Pistons (119) – Brooklyn Nets (120)

Indiana Pacers (107) – New York Knicks (101)

Denver Nuggets (108) – Chicago Bulls (107)

Utah Jazz (125) – Minnesota Timberwolves (128)

New Orleans Pelicans (121) – Golden State Warriors (131)

Dallas Mavericks (113) – LA Lakers (114)

San Antonio Spurs (120) – Phoenix Suns (90)

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. Vintage Derrick Rose makes a one-night comeback

The Timberwolves had throwback night on Halloween. They rocked the KG-era pine tree lined jerseys from the mid-2000s. But someone else decided to have a throwback night of his own.

Derrick Rose erupted for a career-high 50 points to lead Minnesota to the win. With Jeff Teague and Jimmy Butler out, the Timberwolves were thin at the wings. Rose stepped into the starting role and put on a show.

He didn’t have the exact same explosiveness as the Rose during his MVP years. But he had a good bounce to his step. His crossover was deceivingly explosive and he used that quick first step to get to the rim at will. One thing different about this Rose performance was his confidence in his jumper. There was no hesitation when it came to launching outside shots. Rose looked comfortable launching it from beyond the arc and from the mid range.

Minnesota needed every bit of Rose’s production to down the Jazz. In the second half, it was evident that this wasn’t just another mini-resurgence by Rose. This was a full-blown event. Rose was big in the clutch. He was scoring on floaters and layups, even over the Stifle Tower, Rudy Gobert. He finished the game with a floater over Dante Exum to give his team the lead, two free throws to extend the leadn and a game-sealing block to win the game.

After the win, Rose was mobbed by his teammates. He couldn’t help but let all the emotions pour out during his post game interview.

Rose will never be the same player he was back during his MVP years. But he showed tonight that he’s far from done.

2. Game winner night in the NBA

The Timberwolves weren’t the only team to go all the way to the end with their opponents.

Spencer Dinwiddie was an absolute monster in the clutch for the Nets. He nailed a booming trey from the right wing to tie the game and send it into OT. He upped that with a step-back trey from the left wing to win the game against the Pistons. Dinwiddie must like playing against the Pistons because earlier this year, he sank them with a clutch floater.

In Chicago, the Nuggets and Bulls battled it out all the way to the end of the extra period as well. The Nuggets ran a play to get Nikola Jokic the game-winner. Jokic missed the mid range attempt from the left wing but Paul Millsap was there to save the day.

Millsap bullrushed Justin Holiday and got all the way to the paint for the game-winning tip in.

3. Anthony Davis and Draymond Green have an innocent chat

The game between the Warriors and Pelicans, two of the best teams in the West went by without anything significant happening. No one scored 50 or broke any records. The real drama happened after the game when Draymond Green and Anthony Davis had a nice little chat.

I’m sure, chatting in hushed tones, means nothing, right?

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