NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: It’s Dame Time in LA once again


NBA results, March 6, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers 112 – Detroit Pistons 90

Indiana Pacers 92 – Milwaukee Bucks 89

Miami Heat 125 – Phoenix Suns 103

Boston Celtics 105 – Chicago Bulls 89

San Antonio Spurs 100 – Memphis Grizzlies 98

Utah Jazz 94 – Orlando Magic 80

Portland Trail Blazers 108 – LA Lakers 103

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. Dame Time happened (again)

Damian Lillard loves stick a knife into the LA Lakers’ chest and twist it for the full effect.

Back in November, the Lakers were feeling good about themselves. They’d won some games over playoff contenders like the Wizards and Pistons. They were looking to make the Portland Trail Blazers their next victims. Then this happened.

The situation was almost the same this time around. The Lakers have won five straight games and were looking to make the Blazers their sixth straight win. The Lakers had a three-point lead with less than four minutes left in the game. It looked like the Lakers were going to hold on and take down the third best team in the West.

Nope. It was just the perfect set up for Dame Time in LA.

Lillard dropped three straight three-pointers. The first was a step-back to tie the game. The second was a thirty-foot straightaway bomb to take the lead. The third was a fake, side-step dagger to seal the win. That was all part of a 16-2 run to take the lead in the final quarter.

When it’s Dame Time, nothing will stop Lillard. Not even jinxes from Lakers media.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to call Lillard “overhyped.”

Not quite. But Yup.

2. Nance breaks out as a Cavalier

It wasn’t all bad for Lakers fans. At least they got to watch a former Laker break out in Cleveland.

Larry Nance Jr. had his best game as a Cavalier scoring 22 points and grabbing 15 rebounds. He provided ample support for LeBron James who led the team with 31 points, seven rebounds and seven assists. Nance outplayed Blake Griffin who had 25 points and eight rebounds.

The Cavaliers got a much needed win to keep them in third place in the East. With the Pacers getting a win today, a loss by the Cavaliers would have dropped them to the fourth spot. Instead they stay afloat in the third spot with a half a game lead over the Pacers.

3. Tony Parker with a Vino performance

The San Antonio Spurs got a vintage Tony Parker performance for a crucial win. The usual suspects for the Spurs were missing against the Memphis Grizzlies. LaMarcus Aldridge only had seven points, DeJounte Murray only scored four points.

Parker exploded for 23 points off the bench to lead the Spurs.

This win made a big move in the wonky Western Conference. From the seventh spot, the Spurs jump up to the fifth.

Did an NBA superstar get ejected today?

No. But Jazz Head Coach Quin Snyder was. He was fired up in the fourth quarter of the game between the Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic. He rushed onto the court to confront an official in the final minute of their team’s win. Snyder had to be held back by players and coaches as he was ejected from the game.

Photo from USA Today

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