NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Clarkson continues to increase his trade value


NBA results, January 22, 2018

Orlando Magic 103 – Boston Celtics 95

LA Lakers 127 – New York Knicks 107

Brooklyn Nets 101 – Detroit Pistons 100

Indiana Pacers 94 – San Antonio Spurs 86

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. Jordan Clarkson is on a hot streak

In the LA Lakers’ last game, they played without three starters and still pulled out a win over an East playoff contender. That was largely due to Jordan Clarkson who exploded for 33-7-7. Against the New York Knicks today, they welcomed back Brandon Ingram but still missed two wing starters in Lonzo Ball and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Clarkson continued his hot streak and helped the Lakers blow out the Knicks. He played the lead guard role and used his aggressiveness to create opportunities for the rest of his team. Clarkson balanced his scoring and playmaking well with 29 points and 10 assists.

He had the midrange game on lock hitting jumpers from all over the court. When there was an opening to get into the lane, he didn’t hesitate and took the ball strong to the hoop.

He looked good today and probably caught the eye of a couple of teams looking for a young combo guard with his skills. As much as it hurts to see Clarkson’s name in trade rumors, this move is beneficial for both the Lakers and Clarkson.

The young guard signed a four-year $50 million deal in 2016. With the Lakers angling to get two max players in a couple of months, it only makes sense for Clarkson’s contract to be moved. Clarkson can help a team win now. He can step into the the sixth man role of a playoff contender and boost their offense immediately. He’s comfortable playing both guard positions and coming off the bench. But he’s also good enough to be plugged into the starting line-up as a fourth option.

Clarkson’s hot streak is coming at the right time. With the trade deadline only weeks away, he’s showing a lot of playoff teams just how good he really is.

(As a side note, Julius Randle, a player who’s name is perpetually in trade rumors also played well today.)

2. Spencer Dinwiddie is cool

Spencer Dinwiddie is probably the coolest NBA player right now. Here are reasons why the Nets point guard is so cool.

  • His name is Spencer Dinwiddie. That’s a great mix of 70s swagger (Spencer) and millenial eclectic (Dinwiddie).
  • He’s got a smooth stache going on.
  • He plays for Brooklyn. They’re not the most successful franchise in the league. But they know how to do cool with their clean uniforms and concert-like atmosphere in games.
  • He’s unflappable in the clutch.
  • He wears number 8. Kobe!

Just watch this:

He hit s double-clutch floater over two defenders, one of whom is Andre Drummond. By my count that’s Dinwiddie’s third game-winner of the year.

Spencer Dinwiddie is damn cool.

3. Magic survive Kyrie’s 40

Kyrie Irving dropped 40 on the Orlando Magic tonight. The only problem is, the Boston Celtics lost the game.

The Magic relied on a balanced scoring attack with four players scoring in double figures, including key contributors from the bench. The Celtics on the other hand got good games from their starers but little from their reserves.

Did an NBA superstar get ejected today?

No. But Tony Parker was ejected from the starting line-up by Gregg Popovich. Pop opted to start the younger Dejounte Murray in Parker’s place and the vet agreed. Parker viewed this as a passing of the torch to the younger generation.

“Just like Manu [Ginobili], just like Pau [Gasol], that day’s going to come. And if Pop sees something that is good for the team, I’ll try to do my best. I support Pop’s decision, and I’ll try to help [Dejounte Murray] out as best I can, and try to be the best I can in that second unit with Manu [Ginobili] and Patty [Mills].”

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