NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: Cavaliers take over the second spot in the East

Memphis Grizzlies v Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA results, December 3, 2017

Boston Celtics 116 – Phoenix Suns 111

Dallas Mavericks 108 – LA Clippers 82

Atlanta Hawks 114 – Brooklyn Nets 102

Cleveland Cavaliers 116 – Memphis Grizzlies 111

Philadelphia 76ers 108 – Detroit Pistons 103

Milwaukee Bucks 109 – Sacramento Kings 104

Denver Nuggets 115 – LA Lakers 100

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. The Cavaliers finally take their the second spot in the East

The slow, steady climb back to the top of the East has been tough. For the entirety of November, the Cavaliers worked their way up from as low as 11th place in the conference to now, officially second. The past week, they were virtually tied with the Detroit Pistons for the second spot but the Pistons owned the better percentage so the held the edge on the Cavs.

Two things had to happen today for the Cavs to finally overtake the Pistons. They had to win their game against the Memphis Grizzlies and the Pistons had to lose. The first thing on the list, LeBron took care of.

James scored 13 straight points down the stretch and he scored the dagger that put the game away.

James had another spectacular performance with 34 points and 12 assists.

He got ample support from Kevin Love (20 points), JR Smith (17 points) and Dwyane Wade (16 points). The Cavs have now won 11 straight games but are still 3.5 games away from the top-seeded Celtics.

2. Joel Embiid continues his trolling

This is a new rivalry that once again, Joel Embiid started.

Back in October, Joel Embiid torched Andre Drummond and had this to say after the game.

“Defensively, he doesn’t play any defense. When we started the game, he was being aggressive and he was talking, too. … So what I was like [in my mind], ‘You want to do that? I’m going to kick your [butt] then.’ So that’s what I did.”

Of course, Drummond took offense and replied:

Well, today was December 2nd.

Drummond played well with a double-double of 14 points and 11 boards. But Embiid was better. He finished with 25 points and 10 boards. He shot only 33% but went to the line 12 times, hitting 11 shots.

In the end, Embiid fouled Drummond out of the game and pointed him home.

3. One Tower is pretty good too

The New Orleans Pelicans played their first game without Anthony Davis who is out with a groin injury. Their Twin Towers is down to just one. And I gotta say, that One Tower is pretty good.

DeMarcus Cousins scored 38 points and was too much to handle for the Portland bigs. Jusuf Nurkic was in foul trouble the whole game and the other big men couldn’t hold their own against Boogie.

Did an NBA superstar get ejected?

Nope. Not even Boogie was ejected today.

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