NBA DAILY DRIBBLE: The Cavaliers are back to top team status

NBA results, November 29, 2017

Cleveland Cavaliers 108 – Miami Heat 97

Phoenix Suns 104 – Chicago Bulls 99

Washington Wizards 92 – Minnesota Timberwolves 89

Utah Jazz 106 – Denver Nuggets 77

Milwaukee Bucks 112 – Sacramento Kings 87

Three things that happened in the NBA today

1. The Cavaliers now own the best win streak in the league

There was a moment, very early in the season where everyone got worried about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Back then, it felt like they have fallen from grace. Their defense was in shambles and it felt like LeBron James needed to do all the work for the team. It also didn’t help that they lost to supposed lottery teams while Boston was gaining steam.

That all feels like such a long time ago. In the past month, Cleveland has reeled off nine straight wins. The second most number of consecutive wins this season next to the Boston Celtics’ 16. They’ve won 10 out of their last 11 games dating back to November 7. Their only loss was to the best team in the West, the Houston Rockets.

In that stretch, several heroes for the Cavaliers have emerged. Dwyane Wade has taken a role on the bench willingly. He’s been a solid contributor in the second unit along with Jeff Green. JR Smith is back and doing JR Smith things.

Against the Miami Heat, it was Kevin Love that came up big for the Cavs. He had another one of those scorching hot first quarters where he just can’t miss.

Love led the team with 38 points and nine rebounds in the blowout win.

The Cavs are now the third best team in the East behind the Boston Celtics and the surprising Detroit Pistons. It’s kind of funny that this run started after James posted the now infamous Arthur Mood picture on Instagram.

2. LeBron James ejected for the first time in his NBA career

There’s a first time for everything. And tonight was LeBron James’ first time to be ejected from an NBA game. It was totally unnecessary, actually.

The Cavs were up by 23 points when James drove to the hoop and missed a shot. He felt there was contact and instead of running back down on defense, he berated referee Kane Fitzgerald. James also reportedly cussed the referee out leaving Fitzgerald no choice but to call a technical foul and eject James.

This was an opportune time for Enes Kanter to take a jab at James. The New York big posted a photo of James and Fitzgerald during the heated moment, highlighted Fitzgerald and had this to say about the referee:

We now await James’ (most probably cryptic) response to Kanter and his ejection. #PettyWarz!

3.Young guns keep balling

It’s been a great season for the next generation superstars in the league. And they keep on balling. Today, there were three stars that led their team to wins.

The buzz around Giannis Antetokounmpo has died down from his incredible start. The Milwaukee Bucks have also been inconsistent in the past month. Against the Sacramento Kings, Giannis reminded everyone why everyone pegged this season to be his breakout year.

The Washington Wizards have also been faltering in the East after their fast start. With John Wall out, they relied on Otto Porter to deliver the win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s no secret that Devin Booker is now the go-to guy for the Phoenix Suns. He once again proved that he’s a rising star out in the West.

Did an NBA jersey rip today?

Nope buy RIP to my refresh button waiting for LeBron’s next post.

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