More Than Ball: These student-athletes try to be MVPs on and off the court

Being a student is difficult enough. You have to deal with professors, graded recitations, long tests, group projects and so much more. Now, try adding two hours of practice everyday, an hour of workout sessions and a high-pressure game once a week. That’s the life of a student-athletes.

Trying to live a well-rounded life when you have that much on your plate is hard to imagine. These three basketball players share the secret of how they can perform at a high levels both on and off the court.

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

Kyle*, 18, power forward

Kyle is a freshman. He knows he’s not going to get much court time on a team full of veterans. But that doesn’t stop him from going hard during practices, trying to learn the team’s system as much as possible. When he does get on the court, Kyle knows his role. He’s happy setting screens and battling underneath for rebounds.

As a freshman, it was also important for Kyle to get the full college experience in his first year. That’s why he joined his course’s home org in addition to the basketball team. How does he manage to balance school, ball and org activities? Simple. Kyle knows his role. He exerts the same amount of effort in his part of a school or org project as he does going after loose balls.

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash

James*, 22, small forward

He’s not the most athletic or skilled player on the team, but James is their leader. He’s the stabilizing force that comes into the game to arrange the players on court and make sure the plays run smoothly. He’s basically a playing assistant coach at this point in his collegiate career.

It’s that same kind of leadership James brings to the table as a member of the student government. He doesn’t take on the entire brunt of the work. Instead, he delegates. James arranges his core group, assigning them to key tasks, and supports them when they need his help. He’s manages his core group to run the department the same way he manages his teammates on the court.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Migs*, 20, point guard

When the team needs a bucket, they turn to Migs. He’s a pint-sized gunner with a relentless attack mentality. The most impressive thing about him is his awareness of where everyone is on the court. Migs can zig into the paint, navigate all the big bodies, and then zag out of that scrum into the hoop for a layup.

Actually, that’s not the most impressive thing about Migs. The most impressive thing about him is that he’s running for honors in one of the most difficult courses in his school. Migs brings that same attack mentality to his studies. He doesn’t let up until he’s done all his school work and gotten scores higher than his point average this season.

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*Not their real names