SLAM PH Mixtape: Gabe Norwood


It’s funny that Kendrick Lamar is preaching to be Humble. K-Dot is one of the best rappers in the world right now. He can choose to stunt all he wants, he’s got the goods to back it up.

Just like Gabe Norwood. Gabe’s the epitome of humility. He doesn’t talk trash, he doesn’t puff up his chest. He’s always cool, always moving forward to the next play. He’s ice in a league full of fire.

Of course, there will be fans that think this is a bad thing. Gabe is so smooth, sometimes an entire game can run its course and he won’t even stand out. He blends into the background, doing all the little things that help his team win. Once the game is over, he’s has filled up the box score without ever so quietly.

That’s the thing. Gabe doesn’t need to be noticed to be effective. He’s one of the best players in the country, all while being humble and cool. He does his job, and does it well. He can choose to stunt too. But he doesn’t.

When Gabe does stand out though, everyone takes notice. Opposing teams regret it when he’s playing with fire. Ask TNT who he dragged to a do-or-die game in the quarters. Ask anyone he’s defended, in the Philippines or in Asia. Better yet, ask Luis Scola.

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