The Lounge: DJ Ace Ramos



In this week’s The Lounge, we feature one of the best in the business, DJ Ace Ramos. We caught up with Republiq Club’s Resident DJ and talked about the 2 passions in his life: music and hoops.

SLAM: What got you started to become a DJ?

DJ Ace: I saw DJ MOD performing with Francis M. Then he ended winning the 1990 DMC Philippines Championship.

SLAM: Who are your musical influences?

DJ Ace: My influences are DJ MOD, Shortkut, Jazzy Jeff, Kimozave.

SLAM: Describe your typical day. How often do you play?
DJ Ace: I play 6 times a week. From Republiq to other clubs in Quezon City to The Fort Strip. My day starts at 12 noon. I usally play a game of NBA 2K before facing my computer to fix, sort and buy songs. Then will rest again then will usually leave my abode between 1030 – 11.

SLAM: You are a bonafide Melo fan. Why him?

DJ Ace: I was a big Melo fan since he was in High School. I really like his Jab-Step – goes to his left – jump shot combo. Started watching him during his Oak Hill years then I watched him play for the McDonald’s All American. Then I became a legit fan when he won his NCAA title with Syracuse and College Player of the Year award.


SLAM: You think the Knicks will make the playoffs? What are your thoughts on the Knicks not meeting expectations this season? They haven’t been playing well all year.

DJ Ace: I really wish that the Knicks will have a great run after the All-Star break!

SLAM: What got you to play the game of basketball? How often do you play? Where and with whom?

DJ Ace: I was a big fan of the Triggerman, Allan Caidic. Siya talaga ang reason. Then my dad was a pretty good player then. I play at least twice a week. I play in Ronac with graffiti artists and my co Dj’s.

SLAM: Any local teams you support? players? why?

DJ Ace: I’m a big fan of KG Canaleta, Gabe Norwood, James Yap, Mark Caguioa and the Teng Brothers.


SLAM: Are you tight with some of the local players? Describe your relationship with them.

DJ Ace: I’m really good friends with KG. He’s been a friend for almost 15 years. Same with James, Gabe and others.

SLAM: What is the craziest party you’ve ever played for?
DJ Ace: Sinulog Invasion, UP JMA’s ADHOC events, United Republiq


SLAM: They say Chicks dig the DJ. Why do you think so?
DJ Ace: Hmmmmmmm.. Can we ask Mars Miranda, why? Hahaha


SLAM: If the Knicks have MSG, what venue is your MSG for your gigs?
DJ Ace: Republiq Club. It’s one of the best in the world. Ranked 89 to be exact! Everything is perfect from equipment to the staff.

photos c/o Tamara Reyes, Kappo Rivera, MC Pao Avila, RP Events Team